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More Random Thoughts!


Good luck into the close!


  • We continue to see covering/put selling in the QQQ. No...more...bears.

  • Wait until you read Ms. Wein in the Minyanville elementary school. Talent beyond belief.

  • Beeks Alert! Advanced Retail Sales are due tomorrow (exp. 0, less autos .5%), as are initial jobless claims (345k), continuing claims (exp. 3100k), business inventories (exp..3%) and the monthly budget statement. And you think YOUR Amex bill was large?

  • I just got an email that reeks of a market top.

  • The S&P breadth and brokerage action is bullish. No two ways to look at it.

  • With that said, IF (monster if) we don't close strong/break out, there is gonna be a whole heckuva lotta bulls trapped in a double top.

  • Is productivity the new paradigm debate?

  • Silver up 3%.

  • Be sure to check out Fleck's Rap tonight on the 'Ville!

  • Cisco (CSCO:NASD) has been a heavy Betty all day.

  • Has anyone ever seen Minnie Mouse and Janet Jackson at the same halftime show at the same time?

  • I'm still shocked at the generosity of the Minyanhood. In a good way!

  • The short-term NDX chart is sitting between the reverse dandruff and resistance.

  • If you're copying and pasting Minyanville articles (and distributing them), it's copyright infringement. We love the exposure and appreciate the thought but please, friends, let's do it the right way.

  • Hair club for traders.

  • I saw my beautiful grandmother (and mom) last night and she gave me a card I wrote to Ruby 20 years ago. Goose bumps.

  • Don't guess, Meat, just trade.

  • Two new technicians arrive in the 'Ville next week. Chart-o-rama!

  • Will somebody PLEASE give Rebecca Quick a Minyanville passport?

  • Good luck into the close.

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