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Random Thoughts


My girlfriend called me a bad lover--I asked her how she could tell in 2 minutes!


  • I'm placing an S&P 840 stop on my bear appendage and will roll it down if the tape continues to slip.

  • Citigroup led the tape lower and it continues to be my chief tell.

  • Natural Gas has no smell. The odor is artificially added so that people will be able to identify leaks and take measures to stop them.

  • I saw a large buyer of AMAT 2/12.5 calls for 35 cents. Pure punt.

  • The oceans contain enough salt to cover all the continents to a depth of nearly 500 feet.

  • We've now filled the opening gap in the S&P.

  • Women on the pill are 30% more likely to suffer from gum disease.

  • The VIX is down. That's not bullish.

  • DELL is at a level that it's held more times than I can count.

  • Hal Tunick--WAKE THE HELL UP!

  • Again, I use daily stochastics to time entry points and longer term stuff for directional guidance.

  • It takes 42 coffee beans to make an espresso.

  • The market actually hangs tough considering the action in the financials.

  • Are you happy? If not, what will it take to make you happy? (If you say money, I'm gonna flog you).

  • Casey has the flu now. We're like E.T and Elliot already!

  • The RBOC's trade sloppy.

  • held the $361 level the first time.

  • My grandmother, Dorothy (aka Margarita Mama), is doing great--thanks to all the ol' school Minyans who've been asking!

  • Overtrading is the quickest way to give back money. Patience and discipline are huge--especially in this environment.

  • The passport count continues to ramp and I want to thank everyone who takes the time to spread the word. If you're a student, please show your investment club. If you're a broker/trader, please flash your colleagues!

  • We're short-term (intra-day)
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