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Random Thoughts


Trade to win--but DON'T trade emotional!


  • The Iraqi chatter (NI WAR on Bloomberg) hit the tape at 11:54 and caught the shorts looking the other way. Could this be the spark in the Minxy dry forest?

  • Vince Carter should have given up his starting spot to Michael Jordan before it became an issue. To make a stink of it during the introductions was selfish and unnecessary.

  • Big cap tech (ex-DELL) has traded dry all morning.

  • Would any Maryland Minyans be interested in meeting for beers and schnitzel the weekend of February 22nd?

  • Breadth just volleyed back to positive. Wow.

  • S&P 840 should be the "a" resistance. S&P 870 is "the" resistance.

  • Cheddar is the best-selling cheese in the U.S. with mozzarella a close second.

  • Ben Stiller's wife, dad and mother were all in Zoolander. Tushee squeeze!

  • On a five day chart, draw a trendline from last Wednesday's highs through Friday's opening. See that?

  • If you've never heard Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner in The 2000 Year Old Man, find it and smile--it's great!

  • I saw a couple of million share "takes" in the QQQ's right before the spike higher (macros) and when we got to S&P 835, I saw faders (read: sellers) the other way. Both sides are trading types--I still haven't seen the "real" money.

  • I'm cranky when I'm sick...and the chicken noodle soup I just spilled on my shirt isn't helping.

  • Every hour the Universe expands by a billion miles in all directions. That's trippy!

  • As a function of my big picture beliefs, I've had a natural tendency to side with Boo. However, trading ONLY from the short side is akin to boxing with one hand tied behind your back.

  • Most traders I talk to want to fade this rally. Once the uber-uber short term overbought condition is alleviated, I "think" they'll be one more leg (at least) that makes the bears think twice. S&P 840?

  • Dollar up, crude down, gold down. Trifecta for the bulls.
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