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Random Thoughts


Ruh Roh!

  • The All-Star guitar auction will kick off tomorrow night at 5:00 EST. Good luck Minyans!

  • Food for thought for dollar bulls.

  • No Pepe, she can't DJ MIM3!

  • "NYSE volume increased by 10% over Friday's volume but price action was essentially inconsequential on Monday. Diverging momentum suggests that the focus on performance is shfiting more towards stock selection than sector selection, while energy and material names pick up the pace here on the back-stretch. Through technology was the worst performer on Monday, we believe that the relative uner-weight position of investors still makes the sector viable given the potential pain trade and the strong relative performance of the space." -- Jeff DeGraaf of Lehman Bros

  • Cinci-style White light (and no, it's not Succo's pad)

  • The Critter Compass? Snazzy by somewhat snazzy, with S&P 1270 (resistance) and select spates of spook (MWD, TOL, HD/LOW, MSFT) littering the landscape.

  • I gotta tell ya, if ye faithful have anything to say about the Maven, she'll be stopping off for a margarita on her way home from the hospital. Many humble thanks...

  • In honor of Jack Skiba's upcoming retirement (is it 30 years?), I will remind ya'll not to ancticpate the anticipator. With everyone gunnin' for the same level, the potential for yellow flags increases in kind.

  • I'm fatter, er, flattered!

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag

    Toddo, I was reading about your upcoming guitar auction and donation of proceeds. Kudos to you and your team for making a difference. I asked Herb Greenberg if you were willing to consider donations to other charities, and he suggested that I ask you directly. I read on your site that you focus your efforts on the Ruby Peck Foundation, which is a smart strategy. I am curious to know, if you would consider donating to other charities? My father was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gerhig's disease) in 2/05 and passed in 9/05. As a result, I am trying to raise money for the ALS Center at USCF. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy Holidays, Minyan Ryan

    Minyan Ryan,

    Thanks for taking the time to write. We're excited for the upcoming auction as it will benefit worthy causes. The proceeds from this particular effort will benefit Little Kid's Rock, Free Arts NYC, Jacob's Cure and a few others. The beneficiaries are chosen by the Ruby Peck Board of Directors as we attempt to aid a broad array of children's based educational efforts.

    My sincere condolences on your father's passing. I've have, unfortunately, had a few experiences with the horrible disease that is ALS (my former girlfriend's mother had it, as well as my friend Michael Beier). While the guitar auction beneficiaries have already been locked, please know that I have donated significant monies to this cause with hopes of helping to find a cure. And, I am quite sure that I will continue to do so in the future. Minyans wishing to learn more about Ryan's efforts can click here.

  • Can you blame him?

  • "What happens when the SP futures open down on Monday, never trade positive, and then on Tuesday the SP opens above the prior day high? There were 19 occurrences and the close on Tuesday was higher 84% of the time. The close was higher than the open of the same day 68% of the time and the index managed to dip into negative territory just 52% of the time." -- Jason Roney on today's Buzz

  • "Hey Toddo - I hope all is well with you and the critters. Keep an eye on XOM here...retesting the 2 yr uptrend that it broke at $ guess is will lead the tape either way. We need a stronger rotation into energy to bust through 1270 in my opinion. Minyan Adam."

  • I've long thought that Tuiasosopo was the best quarterback on the roster. We'll soon see, I suppose, but it's likely too late.

  • Check out the big brain on Brad...and check out that snazzy snapper in silver!

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