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Random Thoughts


After the spanking i've taken this week, I'm doing everything I can to spur this tape!


  • Mr. Goodbar is far and away the king of the Hershey Miniatures

  • The retailers continue to trade lethargic.

  • I can actually see Bucky gain weight. Hey cookie-take human bites!

  • NSM just reported-watch the SOX.

  • Hoofy has a cowlick. Get it?

  • If there aren't credit potholes in the financial system, I'll be shocked.

  • Everyone keeps trying to compare the current period to past markets but don't kid yourself-these are unique times.

  • Rich Gannon is the N.F.L MVP.

  • Ruby and Dorothy were married for 59 years. That's crazy!

  • I'm meeting my Zeta Psi fraternity brothers for chicken wings and wale's tales tonight and I'm psyched to see my old friends (it's good for the soul).

  • The Nazz and S&P can both rally almost 100 points and still be in a pronounced downtrend.

  • Can you imagine having Thanksgiving with the Stiller family?

  • Look at a five year chart of the S&P. We continue to put in lower highs and lower lows (not healthy)

  • I'm wearing my Boo shirt today. Wasabi!

  • Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaren!

  • We're going to have a slew of classes at the University of Minyanville including Derivatives, Technical Analysis, Fixed Income and Fundamental Analysis-all free.

  • I think Daisy would make a fine Treasury Secretary. Who's with me?

  • My Mama says alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.

  • There's a big media conference next week.

  • South Beach used to be's too seedy now.

  • Hey Junior Seau-payback's a bitch.

  • The breadth in the Nazz is still negative (but much better than it was).

  • I can't remember the last time I've seen the inside of my gym and that's never a good sign.

  • I've gotten emails from Switzerland, Israel and Malta today. That's pretty cool.

  • I'm itching to put a leg back in my bear costume (to make 50%) but I'm trying to err to the side of discipline with the banks "dry."

  • I hope this finds you well.


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