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The Blizzard Wizard


That's a mouthful Toddo!


Well she went up to her room
Where she sang her faithful tune
Well I'm goin
Where those chilly winds don`t blow

(Grateful Dead)

The snow continues to dump on Minyanville and, thus far, we've accumulated a Jewish six inches (which, of course, is only four inches in real terms). As the out-of-city Minyans hit the exits to beat the plows, the die hards among us are left to dance with the slinky Minx. It sorta feels as if she wants to try to make a move before the closing bell tolls. The zillion dollar question is: which way will she go?

Hoofy the snowman will argue that 'they' can't get 'em down and we remain (basing) above S&P 1060. He's right, as of now, and the bears gotta be wonderin' what it's gonna take. Intel (INTC:NASD) is down a bone, the Nazz breadth is 2:1 negative, the financials are laggy and the dollar is meltin' anew. If the Minx holds support in this weather, what's gonna happen when the flip switches?

One thing for sure, if you've been pressing and guessing, you've gotten whipped within a pretty tight range. If you've been fading and trading, you've prolly fared better although the pickin's are slim. For my part, I've got my defined market stuff (puts), some upside situational hedges (Microsoft MSFT:NASD) and tertiary exposure in the retail and energy (oil service) space. I'm not overtrading--I've tried some things intraday with tight stops--and will let the beast show me the way.

Minyan John Dunn from Florida--a gingerly gentleman who wears Depends to work--won today's trivia by being the first to identify "Todd" as Adam Brodsky's brother's name. It only makes sense--my brother's name is Adam--and Adam's Todd went to Syracuse while Todd's Adam went to Maryland. If Adam's Todd knew Todd's Adam and Todd's Adam knew Adam's Todd, wouldn't it make sense that Todd's Todd and Adam's Adam are brothers?


As always, I hope this finds you coinin' a coupla shekels.
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position in msft, qqq, spx, select oil service names
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