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Random Thoughts


This one's for you Daisy!


  • If you work very hard just to get to the weekend and then spend the weekend getting ready for work, you're missing the bigger picture.

  • After an embarrassingly long groveling period, Katie took Martin back and the kid is eligible for a bonus again (but we may stiff him anyway).

  • If the big picture bear thesis is right, the three best (longer term) shorts in the market are financials, retailers and gaming stocks (just my humble opinion).

  • The Knicks lost their mojo when they traded Oak.

  • My sense is that NDX 1050 holds the first time around-big support (resistance) typically isn't broken from oversold (overbought) conditions. Still, I'm keeping one leg in the bear costume as I want to honor the Razor Burn thesis I've been talking about for over a month.

  • Either my cat Zoe is addicted to catnip or she's just naturally a freak. Hey-they say cats take after their owners!

  • Achtung baby! The German DAX is getting smoked (down 3%).

  • There were just cheese sticks on my trading desk and between Junior, JJ and Bucky (fastest hands on Wall Street), I didn't even get a look!

  • I've been scanning for names outside of tech to trade-less crowded.

  • I don't trust anybody that hates animals.

  • Every game is a must game for the Raiders as the A.F.C is still up for grabs.

  • Negative energy is a drag.

  • When you look back at this juncture of the market six months from now, will you be happy with the decisions you're making today?

  • We've got Minyans all over the world but the most remote reader I've seen is from Malta. Where the heck is Malta?

  • Look at a daily chart of the market, then look at a weekly chart, then look at a monthly chart, then look at a yearly chart, then look at a five year chart. See what I'm saying about identifying a time frame on your exposure?

  • I love peas.

  • Goldman downgraded the specialty retailers mid-morning (if you didn't already know).

  • Donate some time this holiday season and volunteer-karma is a wonderful thing.

  • If you believe in the regression to the historical mean of return (I do), doesn't it stand to reason that we'll see a regression to the historical mean of valuation? In other words, if the P/E overshot to the upside during the bubble, don't they have to compress below the historical average as we recover?

  • I read an article today that says the crispier your food is, the unhealthier it is for you. That sucks....for me.

  • Do you think Fonzi and Joanie ever "did it?"

  • Are the dip buyers scared yet?

  • While your focusing on Intel's mid-quarter update, don't forget that we have a Seattle Slew of economic reports tomorrow morning.

  • I can't stop eating-it's getting embarrassing.

  • Congrats Dale and Renee on your pending nuptials! Lotsa Mazel!

  • I hope this finds you well.


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