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The Art of War


You wanted a fight? I'll give you a fight!


Good Morning and welcome to the Minxy battleground. The bountiful bovine suffered some casualties yesterday as Boo's brigade flanked the bulls and attacked without mercy. While it surely was a tasty victory for the ursine army, there will be no rest for the weary as the battle of Hump Day is upon us. Will this recent move prove to be a pivotal inflection point in the year end war or will General Hoofmo rally his troops and take the beach? Stand at attention soldier and ready your weapons-revelry is about to sound.

The bubble blast of the last few years has left investors licking their wounds as they've tried to pick up the pieces of their wounded portfolio. Indeed, the skeletons of a once proud market are littered throughout the financial landscape and serve as somber reminders of how fragile we truly are. If Sergeant Darwin was correct and only the strong will survive, we're left to wonder how much carnage we'll have to endure before a new beginning can evolve. In other words, we've suffered pain and ducked bullets for three years now. When will it be safe to come out and play?

If you're a big picture theorist and you're socking your money for twenty years, it's hard to argue against investing in stocks as a vehicle for growth. If you're like me, however, and focus on the journey rather than the destination, we must continue to ask ourselves that very question on a daily basis. It's entirely alright to have a view and a bias (either way), but nobody is supposed to make money in bear markets-not even the bears! As such, discipline and patience remain the two strongest allies of a successful trading strategy.

We power up our systems this fine Wednesday morning to find a slew of analyst downgrades in the semiconductor space and lethargic futures on our screen. We're also dancing around some important technical levels (will quickly come into focus on the downside) and there's a ton of news due out in conference land. We've been through a financial boot camp this year and it looks like it's gonna be a fight till the end. Stay sharp and strong of mind, team-this is what we've been training for.

Good luck today.


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