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Random Thoughts


This volatility is driving me batty!


  • We're aware that the critters keep asking you to log back on the site and we're correcting that problem as we speak, cookie.

  • Thus far, the banks act surprisingly dry-especially in the face of Barclay's miss. Keep an eye on this group!

  • The Raiders played with passion last night and they beat a strong Jets squad. There may be hope for us yet!

  • The consumer names continue to act well and we know that Dean Dwyer digs 'em.

  • Due to the snow, the Gallery of the Arts didn't receive their winter collection in time for launch but I'm told the shipment will arrive soon!

  • Yesterday was the first time in a while the market sold off on good news. Something to monitor.

  • We will have online ordering capabilities shortly.

  • There is a gap in the S&P chart (from Wednesday's opening) residing at S&P 921 (works to 912).

  • Oh yeah....last Wednesday's show was splendid. Loved the Aiko, Music Never Stopped, Shakedown, Lovelight...when's the last time your face hurt from smiling so hard?

  • Chambo alert-his comments should hit the tape at 11am.

  • Please forward any suggestions/observations/kinks to and we'll get on it.

  • Yes, I would have slipped an arm back into the bear costume and NO, I have no regrets-profitability lies in the trades ahead. No looking back, please, unless it's to learn .

  • The psychology in the semis is the polar opposite of what it was in early October...which is odd considering it's just ran 75%!

  • For a full description of the Razor Burn thesis, check out the archives on October 29th.

  • Charlie Garner is still the most underappreciated back in the NFL.

  • The buy the dip mentality is bullish (self-fulfilling) until it's very bearish (traders caught long).

  • Everyone should watch a Mel Brooks movie this weekend.

  • I continue to hear of asset allocation (out of stocks) and I'm starting to see macro sellers show up.

  • Daisy is more than just a pretty face.

  • Yes, we know the time stamp is an hour early--we're on it!

  • I hope this finds you well.


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