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Random Thoughts


That boy is a P-I-G PIG!


  • Beauty is in the eye of the (currency) holder.

  • I told Hoofy that if he is "playing long" for a trade, S&P 1193ish is as good (and tight) a stop as any

  • In honor of Festivus--and in front of tomorrow's holiday gala--young Bill Meehan is trying to down a 2 lb box of See's Famous Old Time Chocolate Candies in an hour. If he can keep his (cough) wits about him thereafter, he will be rewarded with ten freshly minted Benjamin's.

  • Mouthpiece!

  • I sure hope the pieces aren't edible.

  • I opined on the Buzz that Hoofy wants to take a swipe at the upside despite the lethargy in Brother Bear (BSC:NYSE) and Mother Morgan (MWD:NYSE). Why? A combination of the minty breadth and the animal spirits. With that said, please note that the VXO has dipped to an eleven handle and all Minyans must stand and recite "caveat emptor" before each purchase.

  • Or, of course, there's always shekels?

  • The semis--down 18% ytd--have bounced on the 50-day but remain well below the 200-day (SOX 433). Uber-Minyan John Roque of Natexis Bleichroeder has a great column out today reiterating his negative chip shtick. He thinks SOX 350 (Sept 04 lows) is a decent target. So ya know....

  • Premature negotiation?

  • The macro landscape is quiet as the hedge hogs do their thang.

  • There are some disconcerted ducks out there (brokers/most net/select cyclicals/defense) so pick your spots and recognize the risk.

  • Snaps to Minyan Neal Greenberg and all the other Minyans who supported Juliana's cause. We raised a couple thousand and it continues to continue....

  • Age gauge!

  • DeView from DeGraaf:"Our volatility indicator now resides 2 standard deviations below trend. That may intimate a complacent attitude in the near-term, but it also is a factor of discounting the historical seasonal trends that emerge this time of year. With historical weakness over the next 2-3 weeks being an outlier, the contraction, like most things priced by efficient markets, is likely to prove correct. What has us concerned is not the near term volatility, but the potential combination of low 25-day P/C readings and PERSISTENTLY low volatility. Such a combination suggests complacency, and a bullish skew to positions, and that is the last thing we'd ask for Christmas."

  • Shouldn't they be called "bakies" rather than "cookies"?

  • Do you think I'll miss my laptop? I can't remember the last time I flew blind!

  • Weebles wobble and Googles (GOOG:NASD) giggle.

  • We really gotta get the Minyanville action figures done soon.

  • Check a borrow Carter-Wallace? Nobody has protection on into year-end.

  • The high bid as of today's closing bell will win the Minyanville Festivus Auction and join us for tomorrow night's feast!

  • The new receptionist just walked by and asked how long Meehan had been stuffing himself with chocolate. Without missing a beat, Collins replied "his whole life."

  • Is your mood dependent on your P&L? And...have you realized that it's inherently flawed to live that way?

  • 2005: The Year of the Critter.


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