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Random Thoughts


Is this how Johnny felt when he worked on the docks?

  • Minyan Debra Baltzell--come on down! You're the winner of the all-star guitar "Price is Right" contest. Her response when she found out she won? "Wow! I've been following Todd and Minyanville from that first October as well as that "other site." Thanks! Minyan Deb." Ya see? I KNEW someone has been following me! And everyone thought I was paranoid...

  • I "get" why we gotta monitor certain people in select situations but where do we draw the line and who draws it? I might be a tree hugger but, heck, it's my constitutional right to hug whatever tree I want. And what happens between me and that tree is MY business--nobody else's. That doesn't make me a terrorist sympathizer or an al-Queda operative. It just means that I'm an American citizen that happens to like trees.

  • Minyan Media Alert! Professor Greg Weldon will be gracing the CNBC airwaves at 2:45 today discussing his 2006 outlook for gold, the dollar and Fed policy. Those with a wide screen TV may wanna stand it on edge (he's a tall fella).

  • Keep an eye on the yellow metal, Minyans, it's off eight beans faster than you can say "XAU" (which, by the way, will find next support at 115). The dollar, for its part, is up a full percent and testing resistance near DXY 91.

  • The new critters are coming, the new critters are coming! While next week will be a bit light (lotsa profs are on winter break), a snazzy new Minyanville site will be unveiled in the first half of January. That, mon frere, is very exciting.

  • "The 2's to 10's spread has now reached a cyclical low of roughly 0.05% (5 basis points). Additionally, 1 year Treasury bills are quickly close to inverting above the entire front end of the yield curve (the bond equivalent yield of the year-bill is only 3 basis points below the 5 year note!)." -- Professor Sedacca on today's Buzz

  • I can't imagine Kirk Kerkorian is gonna have a happy holidays. General Motors (-5%) just gave up boozing rights and is in danger of losing voting rights soon. I see a Bar Mitzvah in the future, followed by hat sizes and drill bits.

  • Investigators knew they were on to something when the smell of S'Mores led them to the remote mountain nook....

  • Yes, I'm plagiarizing myself but I can't help it. This bit is from the Buzz (11:26)

    Spread out now Rosie, doctor come cut loose her mama's Buzz...
    • Ticklefest? The semis have edged through SOX 485 for Hoofy's first feather of the session.
    • Market breadth? Neither here nor there as the motion vs. movement battle wages on.
    • The holiday switcharoo? It wouldn't shock me if Santa got stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.
    • Creepin' while ya sleepin'? Watch those homies as they're starting to trade dry.
    • Drug Culture? The DRG is off 30 bips, not bad considering the massive run they just had.
    • Randy Newman Alert? Watch the small fries as the Russell continues to underperform.
    • Caesar Salad? The political arena may get tossed next year, something I've not heard in many financial circles. The old axe is "If the president is in trouble, the market is in trouble." It's certainly something to keep on our radar.

  • "The NDX undercut short-term support levels, as the index suffered a 1.7 volatility move to the downside. Overall, negative volatility alerts did not expand, and therefore no distribution signals were generated. One bright spot in the mix was the pharmaceutical space, where 38% of the issues had positive volatility alerts out of an oversold condition. Even though the European pharmaceutical names are leading, we are seeing more bullish price action for the domestic names, and are warming up to most stocks within the space. We can't find a portfolio manager who thinks these names are worth holding on to, and that thinking is represented in our money flow work showing the bulk of liquidation took place a year ago." -- Lehman technician Jeff DeGraaf

  • Will societal acrimony and the erosion of the middle class be an unspoken yet ever-present trend in 2006? Me thinks so, unfortunately, but I'm planning on Minyanville being "safe" (like when we used to play tag in grade school).

  • Hoofy would love to see Pfizer (PFE) fill that gap ($22.60ish). I don't know if it gets there but the Matador Crowd likely awaits if it does.

  • Art Supply? As I hear more and more chatter of "well known" sell-side technicians--and technical departments--leaving their digs into year end, I thought Minyans would like to revisit the State of the Art. Wall Street is a-changin'. And the onus is on us to adapt.

  • If it's not SARS or the Avian Flu, it's gotta be something, right?

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