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New Year's Resolutions


Have a happy, healthy and safe holidays!


As this is my last post of 2002, I would like to take the time to share some thoughts with the good readers of Minyanville. This has been a difficult year for many but, without adversity, there would be no character. It takes a special person to accept hardships and become a better person for it and, as we close the door on our past, we enter our future with great hopes and aspirations.

When we look within and learn from our past, our mistakes become lessons and pave the way to wisdom and knowledge. The easiest thing to do is sweep difficult issues under the rug and pretend they don't exist but if we did that, my friends, we would cease to grow. As I look to the future, I make the following resolutions to myself:

  • I want to balance all aspects of my life

  • I want to appreciate the simple things

  • I want to enrich the lives of those around me

  • I want to spend more quality time with my friends

  • I want to be good to others and better to myself

  • I want to work to live not live to work

  • I want to stop being so hard on myself

  • I want to remember September 11th

  • I want to take better care of my health

  • I want to read more

  • I want to write better

  • I want to further my charitable efforts

  • I want to spend more time with my family and not squabble over petty issues

  • I want to smile more

  • I want to see more

  • I want to learn more

  • I want to do something Joel every day

  • I want to remember my past but not dwell on it

  • I want to honor my country

  • I want to remember the difference between loss and loss

  • I want to keep an open mind

  • I want to acknowledge others on a job well done

  • I want to inspire children

  • I want to earn the respect of my elders

  • I want to forgive

  • I want to love

  • I want to be

The holidays are a time of reflection and new beginnings, so carry your best qualities forward while leaving your shortcomings behind. As this is my final post from my current domain, I would like to thank Jeff and Matt for all they've given me. You guys were the best partners a person could ask for and the finest friends a man deserves. We've experienced things that will shape our lives forever and I'll always count our relationship among my blessings. I am wealthier for having worked with you two and it has nothing to do with flickering ticks.

To all of my fellow Minyans, I can honestly tell you that I'm humbled by the warm reception that you've given us to date. Casey and I have busted our hump developing this community and we know that we're nothing without our readers. When I tell you that we've only just begun, take me at my word. In the months ahead, we'll be rolling out the University, the Elementary School, Minyanwood, Town Hall and so much more. In addition, The Ruby Foundation for Children's Education will host an array of events in an effort to inspire young people to learn. It's really quite exciting and we're thrilled that you've decided to come along for the ride!

I will be back at my post on Monday January 6th with fresh vigor and a new home. In the meantime, I am leaving the Gazette in the most capable hands of Snoop Tone and I know he's itchin' to put on a show. Have a safe, healthy and peaceful holiday season and be good to yourself. There's nothing more powerful than believing in who you are and where you're going. Think positive, stay balanced and remember to breath.

The best is yet to come.


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