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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Will that volatility roll into equities?

  • Have you seen the smelting in silver, down 11% since December 14?

  • Will that volatility roll into equities?

  • After all, aren't they both threads within our intricate financial fabric?

  • Will my beloved Raiders finally draft a quality QB?

  • Or should we bring Rich Gannon back for an old school redeux?

  • Will the homies roll through support at HGX 220?

  • Do you remember that HGX 240 is a 50% retracement of the entire down move?

  • Who cares about an inverted yield curve?

  • Why do I think that Bush won't leave office when he's supposed to?

  • Will Hoofy watch BKX 115 as a bovine backstop while he's milking Daisy?

  • Do you see the flaky dandruff in the trannies?

  • Did that last question make Farley feel a little funny?

  • Funny like that rope in gym class?

  • Is money the new idolatry?

  • Does the FOMC need to lower rates to assist the twisted ARMS sisters?

  • How did I ever watch football on a non-60" high def plasma monster?

  • LT? Are you kidding me?

  • Isn't the whole Fannie Mae thang disturbing?

  • Or is it the only way out?

  • Is there anyone better than the savvy soothsaying seers from Sautville? (Yes, that includes Cheryl too!)

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