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More Random Thoughts!


How can I NOT be paranoid?


  • Congrats Lappy! I'm very excited for the both of you!

  • Professor Succo used to run the entire equity derivative group at Lehman Brothers. We're very fortunate to get his insights on a daily basis.

  • Beef cheeks.

  • If (when) the market punks out, will the analyst community be held to task (again) for being so bullish?

  • There have been some outsized moves by the cyclicals in recent years (remember the old school ramp of 1999?). This year's move dwarfs them all. Beware of the dwarfs.

  • Put on your yarmulke--It's time for Chanukah--So much funnaka--to celebrate Chanukah (Adam Sandler)

  • Orange whip? Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips!

  • Thanks again Jason Miller, winner of the most recent auction.

  • Thank you Cowboy, Metta, Cowgirl, Christie, V (and Granny) for making me feel like part of the family. You guys are the greatest!

  • SOX starting to get a bit sloppy.

  • Bull markets don't start when everyone thinks we're in a bull market.

  • It's official--I've moved to the next belt notch.

  • Could they Snapper? Yeah, the banks are firm and the S&P's are broken out. Could they melt? Yeah, everyone's long and the breadth is slippy.

  • Remember the Seinfeld when George had a waddle fetish?

  • Everyone looked at me like I had four heads when Princess Diana passed because I didn't think it was an accident.

  • Just for that Greg, you get to watch Phoebe and Zoë while I'm away.

  • Faith is always a good thing. It doesn't matter which faith you practice as long as it betters you as a person.

  • I'm gonna give Darol Ryan a razor for Chanukah. I figure it'll last him another five years.

  • Hey Lillybean!

  • Critters Gone Wild: Daisy on Spring Break coming out on DVD soon.

  • Get in your mouse and drive away.

  • Did I ever tell you my favorite Neil Glassman story? I was running the desk at my old shop and he was my options coverage at Bear Stearns. After he and I shared a particularly naughty night out, he was in pretty sorry shape (more sorry than usual!). I called him up out of the blue, screamed "5000 CANCELS 3000!" and told my desk NOT to pick up the Bear light. It rang off the hook for a minute or so as he frantically chased the phantom order and yelled at his traders. I called him back "AM I FILLED! COME ON NEIL!!!! I'M TAKING A REPORT!!!" Needless to say, there was never an order in the first place. I think his last seven hairs hit the ground at that point.

  • Yes, we're implementing font size controls Yes, there will be IM alerts. Yes, we'll have the open chat among professors daily. Yes, Main Street is automated and E-friendly.

  • We're seeing a handful of 500,000 prints on the SMH (sell side) and some meaty IWM (small cap) put buyers.

  • Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Check out the Minyanville holiday packages--we gave them out at our holiday party and they were very well received!

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