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Random Thoughts


Our bags are packed, ready to go....


  • I've always given Martin a lot of flack but, as this is my second to last day with the lad, I've got to be honest-he's good people. Hey Katie-you should have held on to him with both hands and a leg. Big mistake, girlie...HUGE!

  • Watch BKX 750-it's the last ray of hope for the bovine.

  • I'm rolling down my "stop" on my bear costume to S&P 890. Locks in a gain and keeps my downside exposure. That works!

  • The high bid on the Ruby Foundation charity auction poster (see below) is $5,000 by Neil Glassman. Send bids to

  • The brokers are breaking-key on this group in my absence.

  • Don't cheerleaders get cold in the winter?

  • I'm taking my critters with me to the south pacific but, fear not, Tony's gonna step it up in "News and Views" and he's got a couple of tricks up his sleeve!

  • Dave, an analyst in my office, looks like hoop's player Elliot Richards in Bedazzled. Hey, at least he's giving 110%!

  • In Cleveland, it's illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.

  • Tenet Healthcare halted!

  • Using the whole fist there, Doc?

  • DAX alert! Down 2 ½ % at 2950!

  • There's so much dandruff in my charts I feel like I'm in a blizzard! least I still have (some) hair left!

  • This has been some year, huh? This is the twelfth time I close out my books and it's getting increasing harder to trade 'em. Guess five years, we'll look back at 2002 and say "If only...!"

  • The retailers continue to act fugly.

  • Rolling down the street, smoking INDU, sipping on gin and juice. Laid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

  • Comedy clubs are underrated.

  • I really believe we'll have a conversation in three years lamenting about NOT shorting the brokers.

  • Junior is mumbling. That's never a good sign.

  • Yes, Bucky continues to gorge himself but I haven't brought it up because, well, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

  • This Iraqi resolution nonsense was a waste of time and money-and if you're going to go through the motions, they should (at least) pretend to be serious during the press conference.

  • To my Mom, Grandma (Margarita Maven!), Aunt Phyllis, Cousins Stephanie and Jake, Brother Adam, Princess Maia, Bradley Boo, Faith and Dad-Happy and safe holidays.

  • I think Boo needs a squeeze...and I don't mean a short squeeze. I mean a honey...and I don't mean a jar!

  • I will be unwinding my risk by tomorrow's close-win, lose or draw. I am so tired, my eyes are watering! Calgon, take me away...

  • If you've had a rough year, keep it in perspective-if we've learned anything together, it's that it could be worse.

  • Billy Owens was a bigger disappointment than Pearl Washington.

  • Who's the best actor of our generation? Think about it...tomorrow we'll poll.


  • 1 ½ hours left in the charity auction! Bids must be time stamped by 3:59pm!


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