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Random Thoughts


Wanna see a magician? Watch me make these bears disappear!


  • For all those Minyans asking if Laurie McGuirk is single, I've got a shocker for you. She's a he!

  • The crimson brokers are thus far insulated and isolated.

  • I've got a 5-day gip (chart) of the SPY on (one of) my bloombergs. It's consolidating right under resistance--that means it's either basing for blast off or churning before burning.

  • The breadth supports the former scenario. I'm still very wary of trap doors but the "eyes" thus far are constructive.

  • Don't you know who you're talking to esse??? Don't you know I'm loco???

  • I just saw a macro gorilla "take" 500,000 SPY to open (long).

  • Has anyone seen Millstein?

  • Cincinnati Bengal Chad Johnson: "Three things are certain in life. Death, Taxes, and me being open."

  • Heard the NYSE is changing its name to the House of Thain

  • May the best days of 2003 be the worst days of 2004.

  • The energy patch is full of, er, energy.

  • Ruby was there last night--smilin' and winkin'.

  • The consumers are underperforming (Colgate (CL:NYSE)).

  • Brodsky just pinged me to watch the biotechs on the long side. I believe he's involved (and this is not meant as advice).

  • There was a great magician at the party last night. He made my money disappear. Seriously--if any of you have an event, I highly recommend this guy. Insanity.

  • I'm gonna get these randoms out and come back.
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