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Minyan Cheer


Happy holidays from our family to yours!


Ms. Susan Wein, soon to be teaching in the Minyanville Elementary school, recited the following poem at the Minyanville holiday dinner last night. She's super-talented and, more importantly, she's a super-good friend. Look for more of Swein's dreams to come in '04.

'Twas the night before Xmas, a cold winter night,
The Minyanville critters were full of delight.
They scurried and primped for an evening of cheer-
A holiday party with Minyans and peers.
"On Hoofy!...On Sammy!...On Snapper!...On Boo!..."
Daisy called out as she herded the crew.
"We're off to Manhattan, a Mexican party..."
"Come fellow critters, we mustn't be tardy!"

Arriving at Rosa at just about six,
They wasted no time jumping into the mix.
The Festivus started and everyone mingled,
When there at the door, the sound of a jingle.
"It's Toddo!" yelled Snapper, "our man with a dream!"
"And isn't he dreamy!?!!"
they heard Daisy scream.
The party officially now underway,
As Toddo yelled: "Fokker, go park my sleigh!"

Cocktails were flowing, as Minyans got crazy,
And soon enough Brodsky was hitting on Daisy.
She talked but he listened with barely an ear,
"Hey Brodsky," said Daisy, "My eyes are up here!"

Across from the bar was a deep conversation,
Boo giving Succo a full explanation...
"He's one in the same?" asked Succo of Boo...
"Fokker IS Roberts??...I hadn't a clue?!?!?"

Then Sammy noticed a mystery miss,
He slithered on over, "Who are you?" he hissed.
She told him her name and her part in the scene,
"Wow!" he explained, So YOU'RE a Sweeeein!"

Hoofy let loose and made Minyans laugh,
With jokes and with stories of him as a calf.
Reamer said: "Hoofy, who knew you're a ham?"
"I'm not," Hoofy stated, "It's prime beef I am."

The party kept going as dinner was served,
Minyans and critters moved on from hors d'oeuvres
Then came the toast from Toddo himself,
Give a thank you to each Minyan elf.
"Here's hoping that all of your wishes come true."
"I'll drink to that!" slurred Tipsy McBoo

Toddo continued his thanks to extend
"To all my professors and critters and friends,"
"Thanks to my grandfather, dear Ruby Peck,"
"And Phoebe and Zoë, my pains in the neck"
"Thanks to Snoop Tone and Casey the dreamer,"
"And many well wishes to young Jackson Reamer,"
"Thanks Jimi Hendrix, Mel Brooks, Uncle Buck..."
"But not to the Raiders, let's face it, they suck!"

Toddo went on for the next twenty minutes,
About the big bubble and life that was in it.
He spoke of the battle of trading he fought,
Then Snapper called out "We want Random Thoughts!"
He gladly obliged and rambled some more...
But then...overheard...was the sound of a snore.
It came from the back, but wasn't a shocker...
Toddo called out: "Someone please wake up Fokker!"

Still he went on...."VIX... S&P's...
"NDX... Triple Qs... BTK...GSE's..."

Succo leaned over to Reamer and said,
I think that I'm in way over my head..."
"Toddo believes I'm a financial whiz,"
"The truth...I don't know what an S&P is!"
"Don't worry
" said Reamer, "It's not all for naught,"
"Hell I only signed up to read Random Thoughts."

"That's nothing, said Reynolds, "here's my disclaimer..."
"I plagiarize all of my posts from Jim Cramer."
Then Brodsky added, "I'll top all you guys..."
"I AM Jim's THAT for disguise!"

Finally Toddo had finished his words,
Surely the longest toast they all heard.
The Minyans all cheered as glasses were raised,
And toasted the future of glorious days.

The party kept going all through the night,
Everyone loaded with booze and delight.
Nearing the end there was no sensibility,
Poor Fokker passed out in the women's facility.
All the professors went home and to bed
While visions of Daisy danced in their heads.
For Minyans and guests, the party was over,
Taking home memories and nasty hangovers.
But all of them happy and all would remember
The Minyanville party that night in December.

The critters and Toddo still hung around,
Reflecting on all of the friendships they found.
Then it was time for the big man to go,
He jingled his way out into the snow.
He got on his Beemer M5 supersleigh,
The tip of his cigarette lighting the way.
Then Toddo called out as he drove out of sight,
"Happy holidays to all and to all a good night!"

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