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I just love Australian accents!


Well you can fall for chains of silver
You can fall for chains of gold
You can fall for pretty strangers
And the promises they hold

(Dire Straits)

Note: In our quest for furthering the educational mission, Minyanville will be adding metals commentary in the coming year. Below is a missive from Australian Minyan Laurie McGuirk regarding yesterday's action. Please note that nothing in this column is intended as advice.

What a drag of a day. Gold very tightly traded and thin throughout. Good physical bids underpinning the yellow metal and notwithstanding something out of left field,we should stick in the 401-414 range till Christmas. Currency moves could throw a little spanner in the works but physical buying should supply a solid floor. India is still a buyer above $400 judging by premiums in their major centres and I am informed that the Shanghai Gold exchange is trading at a premium to spot.

Silver was even tighter than gold and expect little in the next couple days. Platinum popped up another $10 to $845 per ounce. Precious metals equities were softer by the NY close on no fundamental basis although Rob McEwen,CEO of Goldcorp may have given some inkling of his thoughts on HIS company stock price by exercising 5.5 million options and selling the shares immediately, bagging $28 odd million bucks.The sale is approximately 40% of his holdings. Maybe he thinks physical gold is better than his options at current levels.Just speculation on my part.

There is much action in the juniors although very speculative in nature.Expect some intense corporate activity in the new year as the majors go hunting for reserves/resources (without having to drill any holes) to replenish diminished reserves from current production.Could be some liquidation in equities as people lock in some tidy profits for reval on 31/12 which could be a nice opportunity for late entries to the sector.

Bridegwater Associates in their Daily Observations entitled "The Growing Dollar Crisis" included some discussion for gold amongst other observations. "Quote......"this will be bearish for the dollar and for bonds and bullish for Gold (and other hard assets).We expect this move to be gradual over next year and much more acute in 2005.: END.

Gold has opened in NY relatively unchanged but some dollar weakness improved golds attractiveness to European investors and is currently at its high for the day at $409.

Nickel up huge. Was $13,500 48 hrs ago,currently trading $15,100.My guess is our Asian friends are buying,but hey,no one really flies the flag to own up to who's buying this stuff.

As always, Minyans, very interested in your feedback before we toss another shrimp on the barbie!

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