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Random Thoughts


I'm still alive above yesterday's lows!


  • The name's Fokker....Greg Fokker.

  • The breadth has been the single best indicator since March.

  • SOX 475 (December lows) now becomes initial resistance.

  • I hear it's really comfortable in the Paris Hilton.

  • NDX 1375 and S&P 1060 (then 1050) are downside levels to watch.

  • Okay, well, uh...candlesticks always make a nice gift, and uh, maybe you could find out where she's registered and maybe a place-setting or maybe a silverware pattern. (think)

  • I wasn't taking shots at anyone yesterday--it's not my style. It just amazes me that certain people are threatened by Minyanville and what we're trying to do. They're just critters!

  • How many traders are playing the retail rebound?

  • A lot of traders were playing Amgen (AMGN:NASD) from the long side into last night's meeting. Honestly, I'm surprised it's holding up as well as it is.

  • "Mistere" is still leading the auction with a generous $5000 bid. Again, the highest bid time-stamped before 4pm today will join the professors, my very best street contacts, the critters, FOKKER and yours truly for a festive dinner tomorrow night. Proceeds will go to the Ruby Peck foundation for Children's Education (a non-profit 501C3 corporation).

  • What did Angelina ever see in Billy Bob?

  • Despite the SOX suckage and bad breadth, the S&Ps are dog-fighting to hold yesterday's low.

  • Can I say S's over N's or is it too obvious?

  • I'm gonna be taking a coupla weeks during the '04 cusp. I'm not sure when (I haven't had time to think about it) but it's long overdue. Professor Brodsky will be filling in on the trading diary for the lion's share of my absence.

  • Bear Stearns (BSC:NYSE), Best Buy (BBY:NYSE), Circuit City (CC:NYSE), Federal Express (FDX:NYSE) and Lehman Brothers (LEH:NYSE) report tomorrow morning.

  • Potential pin risk? General Motors (GM:NYSE) 50, Intel (INTC:NASD) 30, Yahoo! (YHOO:NASD) 40, Applied Material (AMAT:NASD) 20.

  • Tree hugger!

  • Nazz Breadth and Semis are tellin' ya lower. The financials and the ability of the S's to hold yesterday's lows (in the face of this selling) hints resiliency. The beauty? There's pretty defined levels with which to trade.

  • The dollar is drippy and trippy.

  • The non-confirmation of the NDX to make a new high yesterday should be noted.

  • Professor Reynolds is swingin' by Minyanville for lunch. Hoofy is very excited!

  • Don't get saucy with me, Béarnaise!

  • When unsure, trade in-between.

  • I remember having dinner with Steve Galbraith at Rosa Mexicana one year ago this month. Boy did he nail it.
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