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Random Thoughts


One week 'till Festivus!


  • Move over Cobb salads. I've discovered the joy of breakfast burritos.

  • Bin there, shot that.

  • The chill in the 'Ville has spurred crude higher today. Front month futes are up more than a deuce and they're challenging the 200-day moving average again.

  • Minyan Neal's efforts to help young Juliana have been aided by generous Minyans. There is much more we can do.

  • The financials are a focus for a reason and they continue to act dry.

  • I'm not sure I've ever seen a look of "want" more than what is plastered across Meehan's face right now.

  • If you're gonna trade beta, please be disciplined. Thou givith but thou can take awayith as well.

  • I'm sorry--we don't take swipes at anyone in the 'Ville but this is tough to stomach.

  • Seven Days till the Minyanville Festivus! We're already "oversubscribed" on the seating chart but two choice chairs are being held for the winner of our annual holiday auction. You wanna smile with Scotto? Schnitzel with Succo? Gaggle with Gula? Make it with Macke? Chill with Phil? Troop with Snoop? Spend a weekday with Bernie? Dance with Daisy? Beat up on Boo? Hang with Hoofy? Proceeds will benefit The Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education and the lucky duck will walk away with a "one of a kind" special gift and memories that will last a lifetime!

  • Old hats, new home.

  • This isn't a shocker in the context of a hedge fund bubble.

  • Some inflections require reflection.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "Toddo-Can you speak to the effect of this week's triple witch. I have noticed bad Wednesdays and Thursdays prior to the Friday expiration in the past. What do you expect? Minyan TK" TK- I've been "expiring" every month for almost 15 years and believe that it's possible--but not probable--to game the direction of expiry. It a subjective function of open interest, agendas and inventory and will vary accordingly. On top of that, when you have so many folks trying to game the same event, the crowd usually buffers off an edge. I will offer that the "action" usually takes place in the days prior to the actual witch (as customers/dealers position) and the outstanding "cheapie" options exacerbate volatility. As for this particular punt, I think S&P 1200 and 1215 are relative magnets. Thanks!

  • Pedro "Mo Vaughn" Martinez.

  • All that JASDAQ!

  • I still think the business model is inherently flawed. But I've thought that for years now....

  • Mandatory sabbaticals for everyone in the Minyanville family will begin in 2005. Why? Our culture must be an extension of our belief system.

  • "It gets dug out of the ground in Africa or some place," said Warren Buffett in 1998. "Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head."

  • Go Fari go Fari go!

  • Got a light?

  • As the Minx blinks and tests S&P 1200 (as expected), crude is almost 5% higher (unexpected). With Texas tea bubblin' back over the 200-day, the dynamic just got a bit more interesting. The first probe was intuitive (read: the 'easy' trade). Now, as we weigh the fray, I'm watching the internals (flattish), financials (firm) and beta (turned a bit) as tells.

  • Uber-Minyan John Roque, come on down! You're the next contestant on The Fish is Right!

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