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Answers I'd Really Like to Know...


There was one?


  • Will Elmer successfully stick his last landing and be hoisted on the shoulders of his FOMC teammates?

  • Will Moody's and S&P have to create new letters to describe the vibe at General Motors?

  • Are we gonna slither between S&P 1245 and 1270 into year-end and effectively frustrate everyone?

  • If the dogs of the dow bow wow wow in 2006, is pharma an intuitive place to sniff around?

  • If you dip a half-eaten chip in a different sauce, is it still considered double dippin'?

  • Did you read Television's JeffMacke's excellent Disney vibe?

  • Will you remember that the first move after a FOMC announcement is typically a head-fake?

  • How cold is it?

  • If crude tossed the leadership baton to the metals in Ojai, did they grab it back with a vengeance yesterday?

  • Are you focusing too much on SPY and QQQQ and not paying attention to the rotation opportunities in the sectors?

  • Are you spending too much time in the sector stuff and not looking for single stock situations?

  • Are we going into Iran?

  • Is it possible to intelligently offer both sides of the great debate without someone getting razzled?

  • Why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you'd like to see?

  • Do you know anyone who wants to intern in the city of critters?

  • Will the all-star guitar pick up in pace as we edge to the end of this philanthropic race?

  • Can animals eat clowns even if they taste funny?

  • Why did the XAU "correction" seem so violent if we're right back where we were on Friday?

  • Was the semiconductor action in the face of a fried Intel (-5% last week) a precursor to additional upside?

  • And does that, in and of itself, bode well for the four-letter freaks into year-end?

  • Would you like to set your network up with a gratis trial of the 'Ville into '06?

  • Does anyone doubt that 2006 will feature the first 10% correction since 2003?

  • Will we look back in five years and say "Dang, Newmont and Schlumberger really are the Microsoft and Citgroup of markets past?"

  • Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends?

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