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Random Thoughts


Note the shrinkage in the small caps!


  • Forget Atkins! The BLS diet will keep you much thinner!

  • The question is: Does negative press equal negative bets?

  • According to Reuters, "Foreign demand for U.S. assets weakened last week, according to BoNY custody flows data. Foreigners turn net sellers of U.S. equities, to the tune of $1.5B, from a revised net purchase of $2.2B the week before. Net foreign investment into U.S. fixed-income falls to $1.5B from downwardly revised $2.6B a week earlier. Non-domestic investment into euro-zone fixed income unchanged at 3.0B euros vs revised 3.0B euros in the prior week, while non-domestic investment in Japanese fixed income bounces back to net 40.4B yen inflow vs. revised 17.6B yen outflow the week before. BoNY has up to 20 percent of global assets in its custody holdings."

  • The Raiders got Vick's vapor rub. Two words: draft pick!

  • Kobe steak sandwich?

  • On the macro front, crude is up a deuce while the metals are enjoying a rather nice snapper. The yellow metal is up a finski while white lightening is 1.5% higher.

  • "There's only one cycle in this business: "In favor" and "out of favor." It happens for markets, indexes, stocks and people.

  • Prelude to a kiss?

  • They're gonna huff and puff and blow your global housing market down!

  • Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid!

  • It's official--Mickey is taunting me. I must of heard the song three times this past weekend. Oh Mickey what a pity you don't understand, you take me by the heart when you take me by the hand...

  • S&P 1197ish and NDX 1632ish are the '04 highs to spy.

  • "If you're dogmatic, you don't mind the bark but you hate the bite." -Uber-Minyan Steve Shobin.

  • I'm just glad that Meehan got back to the 'Ville safely after his weekend road trip.

  • Scent of a Woman never got the cinematic snaps it deserved.

  • "Late October to mid-December of 2004 has been a pretty good year! More than 900 Dow Wow points have been gained since the "bear trap" reversal low of October 25th. At that rate of gain, the DJIA will be over 17,000 a year from now. This only on Wall Street enthusiasm, which is now past its 25th day maximum performance peak and may soon find its near-carnival-like atmosphere threatened by this week's almost assured FOMC rate ratchet."

  • Plastic explosives!

  • The "right" thing and the "easy" thing are rarely one and the same.

  • Note the drippage in Cisco (CSCO:NASD) as all four horsies (Intel (INTC:NASD), Dell (DELL:NASD) and Microsoft (MSFT:NASD) are now chillin' in Red Dye.

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