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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Do you sell your winners and lug your losers?

  • Is Instant Message to AOL what the Buzz is to MV?

  • Do you see that the homies will retrace 50% of their entire downdraft with a trade to HGX 240?

  • And, as we already tapped that toggle, has this sector seen the highs for the year?

  • Will you respect the action in the banks if they break out to all-time highs above BKX 115ish?

  • Which expiration magnet will prevail on Friday: S&P 1400 or S&P 1425?

  • Shouldn't Elmer take some of the credit (that he created) for the lower dollar?

  • Will the chip shtick be able to shrug off Texas Instruments after it lowered guidance last night?

  • Did you see that gorilla walk into three different dealers late yesterday and drop 2,000,000 XLE (energy spiders) into each of their laps?

  • On an old school sell-side desk, wouldn't we be plenty perturbed about that?

  • Did you see the VXN (Nazz VIX) shave 9% off its ol' knee cap yesterday?

  • Will you remember that all FOMC days are a tale of two tapes?

  • With that said, aren't we gonna get the same ol' shpiel as Bennie and the Feds tiptoe along the tightrope?

  • Who wants their MVTV?

  • Shouldn't AOL be monetizing Instant Message more effectively?

  • Do you sell your winners and lug your losers?

  • With the Citadel and Ford news last week, is the "elasticity of debt" alive and well?

  • And if that's the case, can equities stretch higher before the wheels fall off the wagon?

  • Has anyone ever overdosed on holiday songs?

  • Who books business meetings at 9:30 AM on FOMC day? Honestly?

  • Do you remember that expiration action typically occurs in the days preceding the day of reckoning?

  • Has anyone seen the table that I left so much money on?


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