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Random Thoughts


The oldest adage on Wall Street--never short a dull tape!


  • We're all over these conferences-ain't got nuttin, honey.

  • It's impossible to go to Scalinatella and not eat too much.

  • Bucky isn't 'biting' on the hot apps that are sitting between us as he's trying to prove a point.

  • Eric Lindross could have been an all-time great.

  • The internals are still negative in the N's and only marginally better in the S's.

  • Shun Lee beats Mr. Chows. No contest.

  • My sister got lucky, married a yuppie, took him for all he was worth...

  • Martin is going to Boston this weekend to visit Katie-but word has it he's sleeping on the floor.

  • Patience is just another form of discipline. If my big picture thoughts are accurate, there will be days that don't offer an advantageous risk/reward with which to trade.

  • I stopped playing index add/deletes a long time ago. It's my belief that so many people try to game them, there's no edge whatsoever.

  • I am an I.T idiot. Forget computers-I can't even program my V.C.R!

  • My perfect dinner would include peas and sweet potato fries.

  • I continue to hear nasty stories from my buddies who work at the brokers. I understand the whole Darwin argument (and the weeding out process), but it's still a sad state of affairs. These are people with families.

  • The flows today are being dominated by hedge funds. Hot potato!

  • Where would Joe Pesci be without gangster films?

  • The tape continues to work off the oversold condition-it's too early to call the "turn" in my humble opinion.

  • It was much more fun when I used to be bullish-way back when. Then again, everybody was having fun when the market was on a moon shot.

  • I don't have the stamina I used to have. I suppose getting up by 5am for 12 years straight will do that to you.

  • The retail sector continues to act heavy.

  • Crude has been creeping higher the last few sessions.

  • I actually remember when they installed the first A.T.M machine in my home town. How can I recall that and still not remember anybody's name?

  • Does Art Garfunkel have a complex?

  • I wonder if my cats would love me as much if I wasn't the one to feed them every day.

  • My grandfather Ruby taught me that all you have is your word and your name.

  • How do you start building a tunnel?

  • Boredom leads to overtrading and overtrading is seldom profitable.

  • There he goes...the fastest hand on Wall Street. Go Bucky Go!

  • If your selling when they're buying, you'll be laughing when they're crying. If you're buying when they're selling, a cardboard box will be your dwelling.

  • Happy Birthday J-Dog!

  • Hey Shrubby--you still at work?


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