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Snoozerooni Randoms


May peace be with you!


  • I'm sure this made for a happy honeymoon!

  • Today's session has been a snoozerooni. While the fray may stray towards the end of the day, patience has proven profitable thus far.

  • I guess the XBD 130 breakout worked?

  • Two words: Microwave!

  • Media meld!

  • If and when you go on vacation for the holidays, try leaving the lappy at home and keeping the television tuned to the movie channels.

  • Heading into the weekend, I've got more "situations" than market bets on.

  • Catatonic?

  • Wanna join Scott Reamer, John Succo, Greg Collins, Jeff Macke, Rich Gula, Snoop Tone, Phil Erlanger, Michael Santoli, Greg Weldon, Bernie Schaeffer, Fokker Kahn and the "spankin' brand new Minyanville brass" for the second annual Minyanville Festivus? Neal Greenberg currently sits atop the leader board and has made a generous gesture towards The Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education!

  • Charmed, I'm sure! Crude is off 5% and tricklin' towards $40/brl.

  • Only Houdini could make a hippo disappear!

  • Matt Leinart will take home the prize?

  • The "eyes" have it! Nice work by Collins on yesterday's Buzz as he identified the homebuilder acne.

  • Minyanville is proud to welcome Fil Zucchi as our newest scribe. He'll be joining us on Monday and the critters are very excited!

  • Beta--with a few notable exceptions--is a tad laggy today.

  • The "media" section of this site has some catchy holiday tunes for those celebrating the festival of lights.

  • Are you ready for some football?!?

  • A "flat to up" 2004--on the heels of a snazzy 2003--is a strong showing. The real question is whether 2005 will stair-step higher or fizzle as the stimuli stems.

  • With contra-hour edging to a close, the bulls may have one more upside attempt in them before the weekend. The "excuse," if they need one, is crude (-4.5%) although that didn't seem to matter earlier in the week.

  • Ariba ariba ariba! Mexico is up 38% for the year.

  • Fare ye well into the bell and have a fantastic weekend!

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