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Animal Spirits


Ahh...there's nothing quite like finishing on top!


I want you to know that I am typing this last post with one hand...and I'm in severe pain. On my way back from the restroom, I got jumped by a swarm of critters yelling "WHO'S AN ATHLETE NOW, TODDO!" and "BOO'S YOUR DADDY, RAIDER BOY!" Evidently, I really pissed off the wrong crowd with my last post when I questioned if horses were indeed athletes. All I can do is offer my most sincere apologies to the clan and tell the truth: Junior posted that last column!

Alas, it wasn't meant to be for our equestrian excellence as Lance Armstrong won the poll as the greatest athletic achievement of all-time. Secretariat placed second (after a spirited sprint down the home stretch) while the 1980 U.S hockey team and Jesse Owens tied for third. An honorable mention must be included for any participant in the Special Olympics-which was a nice thought by our fellow Minyan Robert. Also-and I'm quite serious on this-any wise guy who picked Adam Vinatieri and the New England Patriots is docked one Twinkie and must stand in the corner.

The tug-o-war continues as the bulls and bears arm wrestle at S&P 900 and, truth be told, the techs "should" be having the same discussion at NDX 1050...which they're not. All in all, some green on the screen made sense as the tape was pretty oversold and we'll enter Hump Day with a fresh head and positive vibes. There hasn't been much coming out of the conferences but, nonetheless, they continue in full force tomorrow and we'll be paying close attention. Also, for all you semi-players out there, XLNX holds its mid-quarter update after the close and that should color the SOX tomorrow.

I'm finishing the session with both my legs in the metaphorical bear costume (50% conviction on the short side) and, despite the funny looks I get from passersby on the street, I'll go home that way. With only twelve trading days left in the calendar year (and many players taking off the last week), you can bet that angst levels are starting to uptick. We don't offer advice in Minyanville but if we did, I would suggest that you don't press your bets either way into year-end. It's crowded, it's emotional and it's risky-and the last thing you want for Christmas is a spanking!

I've got a "thing" after the close so this will likely be my final post of the day. Thanks for spending another session by my side and if you didn't hit 'em hard today, don't fret-tomorrow's a new day.

Have a peaceful night.

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