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Random Thoughts


It just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter....

  • I had a Curb Your Enthusiasm moment last weekend. I was in a coffee shop in NYC and purchased a cappuccino. As I'm apt to do, I stuffed a buck and change into the tip jar and waited patiently for my joe. Ten minutes later, I realized they completely spaced my order and, when I politely inquired about my caffeine fix, they were rude in their response. I thought to myself, Larry David would start shaking the tip jar upside down, demanding his money back. As I smiled to myself, they had to be wondering what I was thinking.

  • As discussed on the Buzz early this morning, Boo tried to bring the noise but the longer Hoofy absorbed the supply, the better the odds we'd run from Red Dye. That's what we're seeing now.
  • NDX 1635. See it, please.

  • M-Date?

  • For those looking for a textbook "flag" pattern, check out the XAU. Traditionally, these formations are resolved in the direction of the underlying trend (in this case, higher). (11:00 Buzz)

  • Exxon Mobil (XOM), despite a brief flirtation on both sides of $58, is back at our technical boundary.

  • T-minus 28 days until we begin the all-star guitar auction to benefit the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education!

  • "Over the last four days, the SP500 has been confined to a range of just .85%. Since the middle of 1996, we've seen this just twice before (June 22, 2005 and Dec 30, 2004). In addition, each day's range was less than the prior day. We can't get a directional bias from this type of consolidation. But the odds of a trend-type move are increasing. Be alert!" -- Jason Roney on today's Buzz

  • It's hard to argue against a fundamental downtick. We've seen it in a ton of tech bellwethers and the dollar strength likely won't bode well for multinationals. The question, of course, isn't IF it'll matter, simply when.

  • The action in the financials--very extended but broken out--will speak volumes to those who listen. Please note that BKX 102 is a level where the piggies got poked throughout '05.

  • He obviously didn't get his fill of the 'Ville!

  • "GOOG finally reversed down on a point & figure chart (2x3 basis) for the first time since October. How extended is this long string of Xs up? The nearest sell signal is at 290. The trend is your friend until it's not. On a weekly basis, the stock could soon register a DeMark Sequential 13 based on Thomson/DeMark charting software." -- Pepe Depew on today's Buzz.

  • General Motors (GM) has been a house of pain for Captain Kirk and his upside efforts. I said before, during and after his public display of affection that the issues in Detroit are deep rooted and not likely to go away. I still feel that way, perhaps even more so after Boo and his crew were shaken and stirred.

  • Mouse trap!

  • My take on T.O? Playing is a privilege, not a right. Especially when you're slated to make eight figures.

  • Can I really be surprised?

  • Broadcom (BRCM), the third highest weighting in the SOX, is pulling up the pup with its 4% jig.

  • "What I thought to be interesting yesterday was that given the early weakness in the housing sector and some of the financing mechanisms, Best Buy (BBY) was down about 3%. Pre-opening, I thought that if Toll Brothers (TOL) means what I think it means, it ought to be bad for stocks like Best Buy, which have been able to really do well, thanks to consumer spending gone nuts. The fact that BBY behaved as it did caused me to wonder if -- notwithstanding dead-fish prognostications -- some people are making the linkage between housing and consumer spending. I may be making way too much of the dots being connected. But dots will have to be connected about what the demise of the housing ATM will mean before it can collectively mean anything. So, along the lines of what I said earlier, one of the things I'm looking for are signs outside of the housing stocks themselves that folks are figuring out what the demise of the housing ATM means." -- Bill Fleckenstein from his insightful Rap (position in BBY).

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