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Random Thoughts


I'm getting Tasered!


  • Zoë time is never over.

  • Commodity oddities with all-star guitar signee Jim Rogers.

  • Hedge hogs.

  • I can't believe it's already holiday time. Where did '04 go?

  • The only problem with being A.D.D is that I sometimes forget what I write.

  • "The SPX has broken through its resistance levels at 1163 and, for the first time this year, a sequence of higher highs and higher lows has been established. Three out of five of our trend systems are positive, and equities tend to have the seasonal wind at their backs." -Jeff Degraaf of Lehman.

  • Mock-YEAH-ing-YEAH-bird-YEAH-yeah-YEAH!

  • You be spillin'! Crude is off 2% and has decisively violated the 50-day moving average for the first time since July.

  • The semis were the red flag out of the gate, followed by a downside reversal in the nets and nuts (beta). Still, the breadth is balanced and the selling remains obligatory.

  • Joseph Rizza, 56, was charged recently with two counts of vandalism to neighbors' property in Brighton, MA. According to a psychiatric evaluation submitted to his judge, Rizza believes he has "a responsibility to keep trees from producing pine cones." (Boston Herald)

  • Most all of my sector stochastics are toppier than Pamela Anderson. Still, they can stay that way--and the market can stay overbought--longer than most expect. Boo learned that lesson in 2003 and the ability to retain that information is what differentiates it from a mistake.

  • The only problem with being A.D.D is that I sometimes forget what I write.

  • The weekly Succofest has been moved to this evening and will feature cameos by Scotto Reamer and Rich "Dr. Dots and Plots" Gula.

  • Ohio State Prison.

  • We saw about 5,000,000 QQQ to buy out of the gate and the supply side filled right in.

  • Defense, utilities, homies, cyclicals, materials, transports all touched 52 week highs today.

  • The Greek playwright Aeschylus is said to have died from a skull fracture when an eagle dropped a tortoise on his bald head - mistaking it for a rock in an attempt to smash open the shell.

  • There is no shame in admitting that you like Styx, Duran Duran or Journey. Come out of the closet!

  • Look for stops above Friday's highs (S&P 1171, NDX 1535) if and when.

  • Dude, trust me--try the cookies.

  • The craw!

  • Please take the time to window shop on Main Street in front of the holidays. The critters have worked their tails off (so to speak) and would love to bring some of their love into your home.

  • The bulls have feasted on chicken little fricassee this year. As a result, they're not worried about buying the dip, they're only debating which dip to buy. That is short-term fulfilling and longer-term problematic.

  • Google (GOOG:NASD) down $6, Taser (TASR:NASD) down 8%, Rimm getting jobbed for 6%. Momentum works both ways, my friends--there's a lesson in that.

  • The only problem with being...uh...what was I saying?

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