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Police Yourself


Be still my beating heart
You must learn to stand your ground
It's not healthy to run at this pace
The blood runs so red to my face


Does anybody else feel like a hamster on an exercise wheel? Don't get me wrong, I love trading and there's no other profession quite like it, but there's a reason why the shelf life of a trader is what it is. We may strive to remove emotion from our process but there's no denying that our process is emotionally draining. By the time Friday rolls around, the puffy eye syndrome is in full effect and the hill always seems a bit steeper. As such, this is your friendly Minyanville reminder to stay sharp and on your toes. We have 20% of our week left before its Miller time so put that game face on and play to win.

Since walking back into the office, the pre-opening is particularly quiet. Perhaps it has something to do with our cable being out but the research seems light regardless. I'm juggling to catch up and must run into this morning mindmeld, but I wanted to touch base and let you know I'm back at my post. The traders I speak to don't see much going on, but with the technical perfect storm that's set up, I told them to be prepared for a slugfest. If we've learned anything, it's to expect the unexpected.

It wouldn't shock me to see the bulls try to make a stand at these levels, but one of the benefits of removing that appendage from my bear costume yesterday (currently 50%) is that I now a bunch of dry powder for higher fades (sales). Timing is everything in this business and while I'm not smart enough to tell you when we get our (a) pullback, I continue to trade with a short bias for the time being. I share this knowing it's beginning to sound a bit redundant, but if nothing else, I'm consistent and honest. Adaptive, but consistent and honest.

Less than seven hours till our requisite two day rest, team...head up.

See you after the opening.

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