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Random Thoughts


Daisy is udderly delicious!


  • Why do the words "lactose intolerant" give me a bad visual?

  • Treasury secretary Wayne Abernathy, in the Bloomberg interview regarding Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) legislative oversight, offered that "there's enough smoke to be asking the question of whether they're beyond their mission. We don't have the regulatory system to consistently recognize that there's a problem, or more importantly, to effectively do something about it.

  • Interesting Elmer article.

  • Daisy is lookin' mighty fine in the banner to the right. Sexual chocolate!

  • While Scotto's thesis lines up perfectly with the Burned Razor, be aware--be very aware--that there is an alternative scenario. If the minx can power higher and dust off the "lunar eclipse," the reverse dandruff chatter will get loud. In Hoofy's defense, a little skepticism can be bullish (although it remains scant).

  • Franklin Raines. Remember the name.

  • Donny BASEBALL!

  • Direct V?

  • "If you can't see the angles no more, you're in trouble" -Carlito Brigante

  • S&P 1044 and NDX 1410ish are multiple bottom support.

  • Uno momento, por favor--is that downside dandruff in the two week charts?

  • A customer bought 11,000 XLF (financial spiders) November 27 puts. This creates 500 beans for sale (as the dealer hedges).

  • The piggies still trade with an underlying bid.

  • Minyanville holiday gift baskets will be out in time for the holidays. They make a tremendous gift to your favorite accounts. Thanks grandpa Neil!

  • If wishes were knishes, I'd be 20 lb. heavier.

  • After yesterday's sprint, is Snapper tired or just resting?

  • I ran three NYC marathons in the early nineties. Now I couldn't even drive 26 miles.

  • The trannies are firmer than a college cheerleader.

  • I might have to head up to my ol' stomping grounds and take in a Syracuse hoops game in the dome.

  • Europe is sticky green. Lucky ducks.

  • KRS-1 (Boogie Down Productions) never got the snaps they deserved as a rap group.

  • Everything happens for a reason...sometimes we just can't see it at the time.

  • By the way, there's some pretty important economic numbers coming out tomorrow. Unemployment rate (exp. 6.1%), change in non-critter payrolls (exp. 65k), change in manufacturing payrolls (exp.-20k), average weekly hours (33.8) (in my dreams) and wholesale inventories (exp. .1%)

  • I could swear that the broker in the Instinet commercial is none other than Daryl "Pee Wee" Fray.

  • NDX put sellers and QQQ short covering just created 2,000,000 QQQ to buy.

  • It's been a while since we gaggled with the grey geese.
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