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Quick Thoughts on the Opening


There's nothing wrong with a soft belly!


  • Watch the financials as a proxy for the "rate hike" sentiment. If the perception of higher rates is what turns the tide, it'll first show up in the piggies.

  • N's over S's.

  • If you've got a Bloomberg, make sure you see the Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE)/Abernathy article as well as the hard line chatter from Greg Mankiw, chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisors. More smoke.

  • Breadth in the Nazz is flat and 3:2 negative on the big board.

  • The Jinxy volatility continues.

  • Is there anybody who isn't expecting a positive payroll report tomorrow? Are the bears waiting for that to short and is that too cute?

  • The teletubbies are getting cocky.

  • Europe remains firm.

  • My belly remains soft.

  • I'll be back.
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