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The Mime Game


With the bell quickly approaching, I wanted to sneak one more post out before the close. There are a lot of balls in the air right now technically, politically, fundamentally and psychologically. Unless you're a most talented clown, that's a lot for anybody to juggle! Couple those crosscurrents with the imminent electoral results, tomorrow's Elmerfest (FOMC) and the pending earnings's clear that Wednesday's session is going to hairier than a barber shop floor.

As our considerable readership scans the spectrum of novice to professional, there are no blanket thoughts that apply all Minyans. Make your choices based on what you know now and, win or lose, don't look back. As long as your actions mimic your own beliefs, there will be no second guessing please.

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and it's hard to argue with history. When it comes to your financial choices, however, you must make decisions consistent with your individual risk profile. The Pollyanna Parrots flapping their feathers will tell you not to fight the Fed and, eventually, they will be right. However, the same arguments were being vehemently voiced when the NASDAQ was twice the level it is today.

Rate cuts alone should not dictate your investment decisions. Tomorrow will be crowded, it will be thin and it will be fast. If you're tossing coins, toss them into your piggy bank and await an edge. A pig in the poke is better than poke in the eye.

Good luck into the close.
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