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Random Thoughts


Hit 'em where they ain't, Minyans

  • Peels on wheels?

  • IF (big if) Boo is gonna make some more hay, I would "think" that it'll be tomorrow or Friday's business. The month end will likely lend an underlying bid (absent news).

  • With that said, my eyes are watching SPY 126 (becomes nearest-term resistance if we poke through).

  • John Bollinger & his Bands will be featured in the Hamzei Analytics chat room today immediately following the close. John will speak on the current state of the Minx and plans to devote plenty of time to Q & A. Click here to register if you don't currently have a SuperPlatinum subscription.

  • The top left corner of my sixth (of eight) screens---the section reserved for the financials--is crimson. Not deep purple but consistent in color. The piggies are sitting on previous acne support although BKX 102 seems like a more intuitive place for a bovine defense.

  • Tick tock?

  • "On the short-term hourly charts, oversold conditions have presented themselves, but there has been no sign of a momentum turn out of this condition. The good news from an intermediate perspective is that the weakness of the last 2 days has not been accompanied by signs of distribution. With breadth and new highs diverging as the S&P makes new highs, we admittedly believe the upside is limited, but without distribution, we also believe it to be too early to be an aggressive bear." -- Jeff DeGraaf of Lehman Brothers

  • XAU 115 (previous acne) will serve as initial support.

  • The semis are shruggin' off Novellus (NVLS) thus far. In fact, Novellus is shruggin' off Novellus thus far. SOX 485 remains a focus.

  • Four mo' days!

  • Maybe it's just me, but I'm already getting pumped for MIM3.

  • Speaking of the financials...

  • Is the 'Ville too bearish? Depends on who you ask-and it depends on which sectors we're discussing. Hoofy has been consistent on the energy and metal vibe and Boo may have been a bit uppity on the tech and financial slant. Time (the next month or so) will tell if our resident bear has ample cause for his paws.

  • One week from today, we'll let the games begin. And no matter how "deep" we reach, alotta kids will sport a smile for the holidays. We bust our hump during our daily dance with the Minx but some profits have nothing to do with the bottom line. For this, we should all take a moment of mindful reflection.

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