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Answers I Really Wanna Know


Shouldn't they always be looking for the other side of their trade?

  • If all market moves are characterized by three phases-denial, migration and panic-where does yesterday's meltage fall on that scale?

  • Is Hong Kong gonna "debase" from the dollar and tie its currency to the Renminbi?

  • If so, is that the first in a series of (dollar) debasement directives?

  • Remember in 2002, with the NDX triple digits, when it felt like tech was going to zero?

  • Sentiment has come a long way, hasn't it?

  • A 12% rally in the VXO (volatility index) and it's still trading with an 11-handle?

  • Has anyone ever seen Television's JeffMacke and Chloe typing at the same time at the same place?

  • Are the bulls hand-sitting and waiting for this storm to pass?

  • When is the last time that the duopoly of breadth and financials has been wrong as a trading tell?

  • Is the chasm between perception (all-time highs) and reality starting to close?

  • Will the savvy soothsayin' Jeff Saut be correct in his vibe that the market will decline into the second week of December before Santa saves the sleigh?

  • The next time you see Jeff-Friday, hopefully-will you please ask him what the difference is between "ya'll" and "you all?"

  • What inning is the "long metals, short financials" trade in?

  • Did you see the OECD cut its forecast for economic growth yesterday and expects the FOMC to lower interest rates next year?

  • Is this really a shocker to Minyans?

  • Why do bears get loud and bulls stay proud when the price action supports their cause?

  • Shouldn't they always be looking for the other side of their trade?

  • Is anyone else really-really-excited to see Steve Shobin's smile?

  • Why didn't I toss some coin on Ladanian Tomlinson to win the NFL MVP before the season started?

  • Is there really $370,000,000,000,000 worth of outstanding OTC derivative contracts out there?

  • Are you focusing so hard at reaching your destination that you're forgetting to enjoy the journey?


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