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Random Thoughts


Fare ye well and enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!


  • If today's tape was in Animal House, its Delta Tau Chi pledge name would be "Flounder."

  • Despite the Thanksgiving gluttony, today's breadth is rather minty. Winners are trumping losers 9:5 on the big board and 3:2 in over-the-counter land.

  • During dinner last night with my brother's in-laws and friends (including the CEO of a well known tech company), we discussed the mechanics of the world's largest thermometer (stock market) and the "hand" that has been guiding it higher. Even the turkey had an opinion on the matter!

  • Chris Chambers became a household name last night.

  • "On my signal....unleash hell."

  • Sometimes I ask myself if I'm living in a state of ursine denial. Heck, if you listen to the teletubbies long enough, you sometimes can't help but wonder! Still, the psychology and widespread optimism, while alluring, is one of the most bearish elements in this environment (and there are many). Bull markets aren't bred when everyone is expecting them so, as we forge ahead, I will ask you to please expect the unexpected.

  • The 'burbs aint so bad.

  • The little bear on my right shoulder keeps telling me that a strong close and a gap higher (Monday) is his optimal set-up.

  • The bulls are gonna spend the next two hours trying to paint a rosy picture for weekend reading.

  • Thanksgiving has officially assumed the #2 spot in my favorite holiday list (behind Halloween).

  • They have names. Miles...and Maisy.

  • These metal stocks just don't quit. Nice call Fleck.

  • In a year of "recovery," I sure know a lot of folks who have struggled. Not just market players, mind you, but everyday people in various industries who continue to feel pinched despite the "robust" economy.

  • My niece Maia (6) and nephew Bradley (3) keep walking into my brother's office to ask me when I'll play horsie with them. I told them after I'm done playing rodeo with the Minx.

  • If (big if) the Minx does breakout, I would put the odds of a pop and drop at 75% vs. a 25% chance of a jam job into January. Of course, that's simply my humble opinion.

  • Every time I see Andy Dufresne driving towards the ocean (top down and with a smile), I'm reminded how simple life can be.

  • In some ways, this year has flown by. In others, it was the longest year of my life. Either way, I've learned a lot from it.

  • You should have seen the look on the faces of the folks at Thanksgiving dinner when I walked in with five animated critters!

  • Pressers and guessers usually get trapped or slapped.

  • I can't decide if there are more political misgivings in today's society or if it's always been this bad and I'm simply noticing it more as I get older and wiser.

  • The drugs had 15 minutes of upside fame and have been sickly ever since.

  • Does anybody else remember Adam-12 or am I dating myself?

  • This is, without a doubt, the strangest season I've ever seen in the NFL.

  • Syracuse got thumped on their first hoops game of the season. Hey, better the first than the last!

  • My mother used to tell me to do what I love and the money would come. I never saw that while reaching for the brass ring but it's started to sink in as I edge through my thirties.

  • Not enough market oriented Random Thoughts? There's not enough action in today's tape! Actually, check that-the lack of action in today's tape is just fine.

  • After a year of anticipation, we've finally set a schedule in place for the University of Minyanville and the Minyanville Elementary school. I can't wait for you guys to see this!

  • Fokker has a secret obsession: Disco dancing.

  • Good luck into the close and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. This is what it's all about, Minyans, so when that final bell tolls, turn it off and crank it up. You've surely deserved it!

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