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Random Thoughts


I just want some acne!


  • Campbell's is donating a can of soup to the homeless every time someone goes to their website and clicks on their favorite NFL team.

  • What's behind this drop? A spooky gold/dollar duopoly and trapped traders who are/were long for the "inevitable" breakout.

  • That drug spike a couple of weeks ago was one of the more brutal head fakes we've seen in a while.

  • I don't know about you, but I think Professor Brodsky is fantastic. Look for further additions to the Minyanhood...and yes, we will always opt for quality over quantity.

  • Baltimore Minyans who are tailgating at Sunday's game, I'll be the shmuck in the black Raider jersey getting tooled on.

  • It's freaky that we're a few scant percent higher than the summer levels. It feels much more...acute.

  • Europe is now down marginally.

  • Tom DeMark's analysis is uncanny in its accuracy.

  • Note the gaps below (from Monday's opening) under S&P 1044 and NDX 1385 (if and when).

  • Tom Petty is matter how much you like him.

  • Breadth now flattish.

  • Thank you Shoe for a great holiday gig. The band was fantastic with that classic Jimi set.

  • "Exactly when the boom-bust process enters far-from equilibrium territory can be established only in retrospect. During the self-reinforcing phase participants are under the spell of the prevailing bias. Events seem to confirm their beliefs, strengthening their misconceptions. This widens the gap and sets the stage for a moment of truth and an eventual reversal. When that reversal comes, it is liable to have devastating consequences. This course of events seems to have an inexorable quality, but a boom-bust process can be aborted at any stage, and the adverse effects can be reduced or avoided altogether. Few bubbles reach the extremes of the information-technology boom that ended in 2000. The sooner the process is aborted, the better." - George Soros

  • Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" is about a woman who made lots of money but discovered (the hard way) that her life had no meaning and would not get her into heaven. And I thought it was just the last song played at jr high dances so you could make out! (thanks Dan Meehan)

  • Gold up $7 now. Either gold or equities are 'wrong.' Wanna take a guess which one I believe is?

  • My favorite part about teletubbies? The off button.

  • I haven't had a sloppy joe in 20 years. That may change in a half hour.

  • Peter Ferriso--get off the baby sitter!

  • Critters on Ice! Critters gone Wild! Critterworld! The Critter Channel!

  • I continue to sense that the correction hasn't occurred yet. I actually thought that the Minx wanted to (and still might) breakout and gap higher Monday--and that would be the ultimate sale. Not advice--just trying to make sense of it all.

  • Whatchu talking 'bout Willis?

  • That dripping sound you hear is option volatility pricing in a five day weekend.

  • Parenthood (with Steve Martin) was a decent flick.

  • The downside momentum in Wal-Mart (WMT:NYSE) has seemingly resumed. Watch this name as a consumer sentiment proxy.

  • I always top-button Thanksgiving.

  • I don't think NYC has ever been the same since 9/11. I know I haven't...and I know a lot of other New Yorkers haven't either. Still, for some reason, talking about it still seems taboo.

  • Look at the November chart of the S&P. Bipolar city.

  • Why are some people so threatened by the critters? Seems goofy.

  • Coo Coo Ca Choo Mrs. Robinson.

  • How many Random Thoughts is this?

  • If you sort your screen(s) by sub-sector, you can watch the intra-market rotations.

  • Sloppy Joe...or KFC?

  • Visit Joel before you drink and drive.

  • Continued thanks for the support for the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education. My grandfather was all about helping kids and his legacy now lives on through generous Minyans. That's awesome.
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