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Mountain Aire


Thanks for the feedback, Minyans!

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray
I've been for a walk on a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A.
California dreaming on such a winter's day

(Mamas and the Papas)

As the calendar turns and the temperature drops, there's nothing wrong with some mindful Minyan driftage. We recently asked for feedback regarding MIM3 and, more to the point, whether we should repeat the feat in Ojai, California. As we swallow the ticks and digest the turkey, we thought it might be nice to share some of the feedback from your fellow Minyans. Enjoy...

"Bring it east or, at the least, go central" Minyan Dan Meehan

"I am for Ojai again, not because it is close, but WHAT A GREAT LOCATION! I still miss MIM2 from time to time. The people I met and the caliber of people gathered was amazing! Hope you're well." Minyan Richard

"Talk about trying to fix something that ain't broke--dance with the one that brung you! I'm all out of colloquialisms, but one vote for back to Ojai. Youtheman!" Minyan Tripp

"Go to florida for MM3 give your buddy a break!!!! Florida beautiful in August!" Minyan Tommy

"I really enjoyed the whole experience--it's always easier to have the event at the same venue because the staff knows your needs. The process of setting up the affair is a breeze." Minyan Sal

"How about the East Coast?" Minyan Suzanne

"Vegas baby! Reno, Lake Tahoe?" Minyan Neal

"Hey buddy, I'm good with whatever, but I say back to Ojai. I hope all is well." Minyan Charlie

"After driving and flying home from MiM2 with a major hangover, I vote for an east coast venue! How about the Poconos? Seriously, Ojai was great but I think that the venue is less important than the people. As long as the accommodations aren't bad, I believe that the event will be another success. However, I recognize that some attendees may be a bit more "refined" than I, so consider me the lowest common denominator. One request - a better softball field and an umpire who is not blind." Regards, Minyan James

"MiM3 at Ojai? Count me in!" Minyan Robert

"Toddo, How about Minyans on the Islands...Caribbean style. Nice!" Minyan Scott

"Toddo, (and all the others who organized MiM2), I (and my wife Jennifer) would be back in a heart beat. I loved the whole set up and Jen loved the Spa and the surroundings. If you guys want to pick a different spot that is fine with us too, but Ojai was great. The program was great and a similar set up would be highly appreciated. A lot of timely subjects combined with a little teaching (DeMark) and the seperate sessions on oil, biotech etc,etc." Minyan Gerry

"My venue vote: East of the Mississippi. Ojai was beautiful but one heck of a schlep for those of us from the least coast. How about Bretton Woods as a poignant context for precious metals reflation?" Cheers Minyan Philip

"Toddo, Obviously I'm biased because Ojai is close and convenient, but even if that were not the case (and by next year it might not be) I'd vote to stay. Many reasons: First, it works. I've been involved in several events like this over the years and they tend to do very well in the long-term if given a chance to establish themselves. You know you can pull it off again in Ojai, while moving it could turn into a major mess. Not something you can afford this early in the game. You don't gain a whole lot by moving it this soon, you do risk quite a bit. Go for the solid-return, low-risk option, and recognize that there will be a time in the near future when you can make more changes with less risk. Second, it frees your team up to work on other things as well. I know you've got a bunch of them both on the MV and the RP sides of things. Third, you're going to have a tough time finding a place with the same travel convenience (in terms of nonstop flights). If you're going to move it, the only place I can think of with nonstop access from most of the country would be Salt Lake. One of the more isolated Park City/Deer Valley places could be fun, but you end up having to deal with Utah liquor laws which prohibit such things as beer kegs and Australian rum." Minyan Michael Gat

"Come back to Colorado, brother, Telluride will be dope (Aspen could be even better)" Peace, Minyan Eric

"If you do Ojai I'll certainly attend - great place." Minyan Michael

"First, MIM2 should absolutely return for a repeat engagement to Ojai. I believe I have some unfinished business to attend to. Next, besides any inebriated friends from Tampa, are there any "eligibles" that might be interested in MY babies?" Minyan :-X

"I enjoyed Ojai very much and any redeux would be great. I understand that if you must do the East coast I will come. I enjoyed my mind meld very much, so sign me up for where ever. The coolest thing at MIM2 for me was Tom DeMark. I am using ThomsonOne now Snazzy! The other coolest thing meeting everyone, major cool. Break out sessions were too short, I want to be able to go to each break out session and not have to choose. Then a little bit more Q&A after session ends so we aren't rudely leaving the speaker. Having fun is cool but it is not my priority for MIM, for me it is about gleaning as much as possible from each contributor." Minyan Jamie

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