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Random Throughts


This is my kind of tape!


  • The Bride of Fokkerstein.

  • Watch SOX 530 as that's where it failed twice in November (double top).

  • The bullish flow I saw in energy (this morning) was a size OSX (oil service) "combo." The actual trade was a buy of 5000 OSX January 85 calls and a simultaneous sale of 5000 OSX January 80 puts. It gets the customer synthetically long (with a skew).

  • How did Keyshawn feel last night?

  • Through objective eyes--and despite the quiet tide--the breadth is constructive and the market is (thus far) digestive.

  • The numbers were out yesterday for insider buying and selling. I know, it's meant nothing in the past months but still worth mentioning: last week: $500mm worth of sales and $2mm worth of buys. That's a 250:1 ratio, kiddies.

  • I can't believe the holiday parties are already starting but, either way, I'm psyched to see Lou the Shoe.

  • Beeks is a busy beaver tomorrow. He'll deliver personal income (exp. .4%), personal spending (exp. 0), durable goods (exp. .7%, less transportation 1.0%), initial jobless claims (exp.359k), continuing claims (exp. 3470k), wolverine confidence (exp.94), new home sales (exp. 1140k), Chicago purchasing manager (exp. 56.8), the help wanted index (exp. 38) and the Elmer's beige book.

  • I'll be chowing on turkey in Baltimore with Bruiser and Slurpee. I'll also be attending Sunday's Ravens/Niners game...sporting the silver and black, of course.

  • Just when you thought it was safe to short the internets...

  • Hoofy spotted the rotation into the drugs and took it off when it got too mainstream. He just sauntered by my desk and asked me when they get "interesting" on the long side again.

  • "I don't know why they call it hamburger tastes perfectly fine by itself."

  • The S&Ps are up 3.5% since summer levels. Feels like a lot more, right?

  • Steve Van Nitkin.

  • Of course the teletubbies don't think we're in a housing (debt, psychology, derivative) bubble--by the time it becomes news, it's already happened.

  • You can look to the stars if you keep your feet on the ground.

  • Minyanville holiday gift baskets will be available next week. Do ya hear me Grandpa Neil?

  • Hope is not a viable investment vehicle.

  • The critter babies are getting to run with fiscal fun.

  • Beware of trap doors (and trap ceilings) when it's this thin. And it's only gonna get thinner. By Friday, the Minx should be emaciated.

  • I went back and read my New Year's Resolutions. My resolutions this year will be to honor more of last year's resolutions.
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