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Lottery Picks


It was an exciting Sunday in Minyanville and the critters were wrapping up another fun-filled football fest with their friends. A smoky aroma lingered in the air and nobody seemed in a particular rush to go home and end their day. Hoofy and Boo, looking relaxed in their weekend garb, carried the lottery bin into the center of the room and prepared for the big drawing. When the evening was over, 100 lucky humans would be eligable to receive the first stamps of approval from Minyanville customs. It was a historic day.

Always one to make an entrance, Daisy did her best Vanna White impersonation as she sashayed over to Hoofy's side. Boo aggressively spun the wheel as the crowd hushed in eager anticipation and Sammy exchanged a quick smile with Snapper. Daisy, in deliberate and dramatic fashion, slowly reached down and grabbed the first pick. As she peeked at the name, her face lit up with excitement and she started bouncing excitedly about. "The first official Minyanville passport will be assigned to..." She paused for effect and let the tension build "Ruby Peck!"

The room full of critters erupted into a boisterous cheer as the name was announced and Daisy embraced Hoofy tightly. The critters were big on positive energy and they knew the karma was now in full-throttle effect. The lottery would continue throughout the night and each time a name was announced, the crowd rejoiced at the thought of a new friend. Snapper scribbled the names down and began to assemble the master list. The journey had begun and the Menagerie was psyched-it was all falling into place.

They discussed the process of contacting the winners and decided to send an email on Friday announcing the results. They've asked me to thank the readers for the fantastic response and tell you that the lottery participants not selected would be given the next available numbers. They wanted me to stress that there are no losers in the Minyanville draft as every participant will have the opportunity to obtain a passport.

The show, after all, was about to begin.
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