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  • Yesterday, into the closing bell, I peeled out of some of my metal holdings. While I view these names as long-term winners, they've been en fuego of late with some silver stocks up 20-25% this month. As discussed in Ojai, I still believe that the metals and energy are secular winners. I'm simply trying to trade around a core position, make some disciplined sales and respect the minxy process.

  • I haven't been as timely on the speculative side of my portfolio, where I've attempted to leg out of Rotation Station. You know my drill-I was bullish from October into early November and then balanced my book, shorting select (extended) financials vs. a spate of tertiary longs. That worked out well last week, when the piggies poked sideways and the rest of the tape lifted (allowing me to feed the ducks). Yesterday? Not so much, as early lethargy gave way to a Snapper that reminded me, yet again, that nobody is smarter than the market.

  • The Michigan State-Gonzaga Maui Classic match-up could have been the best college hoops game I've ever seen. It was, most certainly, more fun to watch than the Syracuse-Bucknell embarrassment.

  • The weekly Investor's Intelligence survey finds Hoofy's Heroes gaining membership, as bullish sentiment climbed to 53.6% from 53.1% prior, while Boo's Crew also increased to 23.2% from 22.9%.

  • I've long viewed the financials as the most important sector in the financial universe. And it would be inconsistent to rationalize the action, with the brokers (XBD) and banks (BKX) both trading at multi-year highs. The lone technical hope for young Boo? Prolly the BKX, which is pixels above last December's levels. If we draw the line with a crayon (rather than a #2), we're still somewhat contained.

  • When we factor in the traction in the trannies, the beta bravado, permeating performance anxiety and the recent S&P acne, a strong case can be made that we've got some upside legs ahead. I will simply remind ye faithful that we're quite extended on a trading basis, with sentiment skewed and volatility compressed. That may not shift our path but it most certainly paves the way with trap doors.

  • You can roll your eyes all you want regarding the Mercury Retrograde but I'm tellin' ya, something has been cosmically amiss of late. And it's not just me-I was having dinner last night with my brother Lionel, the lovely and talented Em and the Queen of my castle. Sure 'nuff, everyone offered anecdotal evidence of planetary pitfalls. Fear not, Minyans, this too shall pass.

  • It's gonna be a thrill in the 'Ville as we edge towards the Thankful Stuff. I've gotta pretty sizable lunch meld (pure biz) that will require me to step away from the fray in the early afternoon. I will then begin my trek West as the Queen and I carry all kinds of Elmo gear to Napa for some vibe time with Television's JeffMacke© and his fantastic family. This business is tough and the world is tougher but we work to live-we don't live to work. Remember that as you tickle the flicks and, more importantly, when you're kickin' it tomorrow, watching football and unleashing that top button.

  • Good luck today

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