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Turkey Randoms!


Pop that top button and enjoy the family stuff.

  • You can almost see Hoofy strutting around, looking at the rally and saying "Yo, can't stuff this!"

  • Man, there's nothing like little white flakes in the cranberry sauce, eh? We've been eyeing the dollar dandruff for a bit and now, as chatter of a cooling economy sparks talk of a rate cut, the greenback slack is on attack.

  • What's this mean for stocks? Well, in the vein of "asset class deflation vs. dollar devaluation," it could be viewed as a positive. It doesn't mean stocks must rally but, from my lens, a rising dollar implies that stocks wouldn't rally.

  • So, Professor Weldon wants to run some two's? Well then, I call Oak! I doubt Greg will lace 'em up as he'll likely get caught up in a poker game with Succo. Yes, there will be a casino night at MIM-CCA once the afternoon of content concludes. And remember, Minyans, this is 100% for the kids so please join us!

  • After a spirited pop and a sudden drop, we're waffling into holiday mode in the land of flickering ticks. Breadth is balanced, the action has moderated and Snapper's evil twin cousin (Trapper) has descended on the energy party. Note the OSX as it slips back below the 200-day.

  • If I get one more SPAM championing the merits of Nanotechnology, I'm gonna find myself some Nano puts and put 'em away. I mean, honestly--leave the kid alone!

  • The weekly Investor's Intelligence survey shows an increase in bullish sentiment to 58.5% from 56.4% last week, while bearish sentiment remained flat at 22.3%. Those expecting a correction fell to 19.2% from 21.3% prior.

  • The metals (+1.5%) rallied to their 200-day at XAU 140 and rested (again).

  • The homies (+1%) have successfully held HGX 220 support (thus far).

  • The trannies, those confused cross-dressing bull-bears, are pretty in pink as they fly under the radar (or, under the summer highs as the case may be).

  • There is a blue P-coat sitting in the editorial room with sequin buttons and shining satin polka-dot lining. Seriously--I could not make this up. And as this is a time for giving thanks, I wanted to thank Pepe for the smile on this chilly Gotham Hump.

  • "Note the move today in gold and silver, with silver breaking through key resistance intra-day, hitting the 13.25 level earlier this morning. Gold (basis Dec. futures) will need to push above 638 to break an equivalent resistance level. As well, watch the Amex Gold Bugs Index (HUI) here as it tests the near-term downtrend line. A move to 345 is a breakout. The level to watch in the PHLX Gold & Silver Index (XAU) is 144. Copper started out strong as well. The 3.16 level was breached earlier before backing off. 3.08 is now support with continuation of this rally possible to as high as 3.30" Kevin "don't touch my coat!" Depew on today's Buzz.

  • Happy Minyans! Pop that top button and enjoy the family stuff. You've most certainly earned it!


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