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Observations from the Front



A few things jumped out at me today (other than the bulls) and, as Random Thoughts are such a big hit, I figured we'll double dose on the cerebral prose:

In a reactive and thin environment, the big boys can-and do-push the tape around.

I never liked Ric Flair and I thought S.D "Special Delivery" Jones tried too hard to fit in.

Crude is up $2 in the four days

I've used to have a secret crush on Mary Ann. There, I said it.

If you're bumming, read this quote by Raider Lincoln Kennedy "There is no more complaining and bitching like there was earlier. What we need to do is win. What happened to us is that we started to lose and we took it on the chin. To hell with pride. We got to show up and get back to doing what we do."

Minyanville loyalists are very protective of our critters and totally dig their style and honesty. That's awesome!

The S&P, Dow Jones and NDX are almost back to Monday's opening print. Does this seem weird to anybody but me?

Minyanville holiday merchandise is on its way. Wait till you see Daisy's outfit...WOW!

I just asked out loud what the remaining bubbles were in the market and Junior said "Hedge Funds." Thanks kid...but it was a rhetorical question.

I still think that The Four Season's has the best Grey Goose Apple Martinis in New York...and I think one's calling my name as we speak!

Did I mention that the S&P, Dow Jones and NDX are right back at Monday's opening print?

Remember that big Nazz future seller yesterday? I'm hearing he was part of the coverfest today.

I'll say it again-you see someone's true colors when the chips are down.

The recent rhetoric out of the Fed raised a huge flag in my brain. They seem awfully concerned for a bunch that has no worries about the economy, right?

There is a thin line between staying the course and being stubborn...and that's a question that each of us must answer for ourselves.

Take some time tonight and think about the Ruby wisdom from earlier: time is the most precious thing we have in life. Whether you lost, made or could have made more today, keep it in perspective. Tomorrow's a new day-but if you spend all night looking forward to it, you'll forfeit the time we have now. And that, my friends, would be a shame.

Have a peaceful night.
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