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Minyan Mailbag: The Bipolar Stroller


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Minyans react to The Bipolar Stroller...

Minyan W


Hey, great article, though I disagree with all of it, it was well reasoned. One thing though, my work shows that each of the last five presidents had a lower low in approval ratings than Bush. Clinton, for example bottomed out at 37% which I don't think Bush is near.


Minyan Ted


Just read your "bipolar stroller". It made me think of something I saw on the
Donny Deutsch Show when he interviewed Ted Nugent. Nugent is a bit extreme but he said something about the war that never occurred to me (by the way I agree with both sides of your article)...... The one thing that our administration did do is put the hornets nest in Iraq. Its much better for us to dictate where we want the battle and who we want being in the battle - Iraq/soldiers vs usa/citizens and from that perspective the administration gets an A+.

Hope all is well,

Minyan Bully


Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep,
It starts when you're always afraid,
Step outta line, the man comes,
Takes you away"

Buffalo Springfield

I agreed as I'm sure many Minyans did with your morning sentiments. Like you, I have followed my own systems/disciplines, and am long equities as of last week. at the same time, I have a deep, growing and gnawing fear that I can't quite identify.

But I must say that although I sneered outright at yesterday's $7billion canard over the bird flu as a diversionary tactic, after some time, I came to imagine a future where the way that airports are shut down today over cookies and kids toys, or subways shutdown over abandoned boxes of used clothing, will we live to see a day when neighbors report sick neighbors to the authorities to be quarantined for the good of all?

My sense of unease grows..
Be well my friend,

Minyan Ron


Congratulations on framing Minyanville in your opening missive. Minyanville is more than a community, it is an idea. Minyans love their society and country, but we ask ourselves about the daily paradoxes.

1. "With great power comes great responsibility." Do we exercise wisdom in our exercise of power?

2. Our indebtedness contradicts our wealth.

3. The richest country on earth suffers itself to accept domestic poverty, homelessness, and hunger.

4. We talk of liberty and justice for all but accept scandal at all levels
of government.

5. We have an unacceptably low standard of healthcare relative to the cost and exclusion of so many.

6. We speak of a government under God but do not hesitate to tread upon those who stand even tangentially in our way of life.

7. We celebrate diversity and admit discrimination against women and minorities of many stripes.

8. At times, we have a richness of ideas and a poverty of spirit.

9. We often have leaders, but seldom have statesmen.

10. We often seem to be a nation not of the many, but of the chosen few.

Should we not ask not whether we are conservative or liberal, but whether we are a good people? If we are indeed the greatest society and nation on Earth, why should it be so hard for most of the world to recognize our greatness?


Minyan Mark

Hi Toddo,

I cringed today when I read your missive on politics. It's so truly sad that I fear for you when your well reasoned writings could provoke the unholy fury of the Neocons.

Even sadder is that everything you said is true. America is becoming more and more divided but we don't realize it yet. My personal suspicion is that the next leg down will force everyone to look in their
wallets and realize they got ripped off.

Then both sides will get angry and since the big step to the right didn't work we'll take a big one to the left instead of gathering our wits about us and taking a step forward.

On a technical basis, 39% is a break for Dubya. At 43% he could always find another 8% to rule. Now he needs 12% and that's much more difficult.



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