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Random Thoughts


Sure.....come on in!


  • No thanks Collins, I'll just have some water.

  • "Today, polarization is playing on the character of America -- in the end, any nation's most precious asset. Sadly, that character is now at risk, both at home and abroad. As dawn breaks the day after tomorrow, that will be the first thing on my mind." --Stephen Roach of Morgan Stanley in his latest must read missive.

  • Iran...I ran so far away.

  • Gore takes Ohio!

  • NASDAQ 2000, S&P 1140, BKX 100 and CYC 700 are all levels to toss on ye radar.

  • "I am on opposite side of Stephen Roach for so many reasons - first and foremost Democracy is playing on strong character of America and that is the most precious asset. The strength to care and have a vote will be the first thing on my mind as dawn breaks every day"--Tony Dwyer

  • There's no doubt that Hoofy has momentum as the power of perception manifests. There's also no doubt that each incremental buyer shifts the path of maximum frustration further south.

  • I thought I would beat the crowd to the voting booths this morning but there were lines out the door at 6am.

  • While you're here, officer, can I borrow your handcuffs?

  • The metals are smelting as traders rotate their money back into equities. Indeed, if money was hiding in that complex (uncertainty hedge), it seems to be migrating back to riskier assets.

  • Now you can't leave.

  • "A higher close today will mark the sixth consecutive higher high, higher low, and higher close for the SP futures. Wow! We've only seen this pattern 8 times before. In each case, the SP continued higher 5 and 10 days later by an average of more than 1.5%. And the most recent occurrence goes all the way back to September 1996." --Jason "rollin' with the" Roney on today's Buzz.

  • We noted the trannies earlier (as a potential fly) and they continue to buzz. We've sensed that they were (are) a "crowded long" (into mutual fund year end) and they're trading that way.

  • We saw hedgies aggressively taking S&P futures this morning. Hand over fist.

  • Daisy doesn't like big tippers!

  • $54 is a big level for American Express (AXP:NYSE).

  • Contrarian bets work in trending markets but are flawed in momentum driven tapes.

  • Vols are drippin' as the tape is rippin'.

  • Has anyone been watching the critters in Travelzoo (TZOO:NASD)? Serious deja voo.

  • Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment but with every commentator, journalist, housekeeper, pet shop owner, schnitzel salesman, taxi driver and florist calling for a post-election rally, doesn't the potential for a "sell the news" period to evolve upon clarity?

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