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Morning Randoms


Lets mount the hump!


  • After the parabolic frolic of recent weeks, yesterday's pullback provides active traders with a fresh "stop" level on the short side. The bears out there--if, in fact, any emerge--will likely use Monday's highs as their new backstop.

  • A Yen for the greenback.

  • With K-Mart (KMRT:NASD) and Sears (S:NYSE) tying the knot, look for signs of supply in the competition (Wal-Mart (WMT:NYSE), Costco (COST:NASD) and potential demand in companies that stand to benefit for increased exposure (Martha Martha Martha (MSO:NYSE)). Not offering advice (and not involved), just trying to share the eyes and help explain the food chain thinking in the hedge fund community.

  • These firemen make out like bandits, Danny.

  • "The world is truly a giant casino today." -Andy Xie, Morgan Stanley.

  • Yes, the tape is still very extended and optimism abounds. But if we've learned anything in the last five years, it's that extended can extend and optimism can become more optimistic.

  • With expiration on Friday, there 'should' be a magnet to S&P 1175 and negative gamma above S&P 1200 (into Thursday's close. Index options expire Friday morning while individual options get off on the close.)

  • The only difference between risk and loss is discipline.

  • First Al Davis and Warren Sapp and now this? Are they TRYING to wean me off sports?

  • How bout three cheers for the Horse? He's been right as rain regarding his educational analysis in the corporates and the potential for buybacks and mergers.

  • I can get you some sheet metal and a couple of mice?

  • If it wasn't for that silly balance of powers!

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin said the country's armed forces will in the near future acquire new nuclear missiles that no other countries have, Interfax news service said.

  • It ain't cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving!

  • I know it's the world's oldest profession but you gotta know when to hang 'em up, dear.

  • Where were you in 1995? I can tell you where the dollar index was. Right HERE.

  • Who's a more talented actor, Kevin Spacey, Ed Norton or Matt Damon?

  • The semis should run into resistance at SOX 435.

  • Please read Scotto's afternoon column yesterday regarding the vuja de in the Internet fray.

  • A sideways slither would bode well for the bulls. A downside shake out would bode better.

  • Ghost 2 is in production and I hear Franklin Raines is reading for the lead.

    Good luck today.

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