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Random Thoughts


Keep an eye on those internals cookie.

  • Wanna neck?

  • Downtown David Miller is "all over" the Pfizer (PFE) trials on the Buzz and Pepe chimed in with the technical vibe. I own some cheapie "gap fillage ketchup plays" that I'm gonna hold on to. Why? A) I generally won't sell options at a dime and B) if the year-end rally procures, Pfizer will likely become a large cap vehicle for performance starved reachers.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag

    "Scotto, I agree (with your deflation thesis) and sold all my metals a month ago. What do you think helicopter Ben does in March? What do you think the bond mkt does in 06? Thanks Minyan Ron"


    I think Bernanke does exactly what the market expects so as to not appear different from Greenspan. I think bonds rally hard in 06 as deflation takes hold and the economy sinks: a perfect bond market scenario and almost exactly what happened after 2000.

  • Vodka rocks, hold the teeth.

  • The tape "feels" fine but with our current field position (extended in the short-term) and looming resistance (S&P 1250), traders must first define their horizon before assuming risk. That, in a nutshell, is why blanket "advice" doesn't cut it.

  • Hedge funds weigh their year-end appetite.

  • DeVibe from Lehman Scribe Jeff DeGraaf:

    "What this market has going for it are as follows:
    • Financials are leading
    • Technology is firm
    • Energy is correcting
    • Seasonal strength is upon us
    • Signs of accumulation (while scarce recently still valid)
    • Neutral but deteriorating sentiment
    • World-wide equity strength
    • Stable credit spreads

      These factors are enough to drive stocks higher in the interim, but as we mentioned yesterday, the breadth figures, and other signs of durable robustness will need to confirm in the weeks ahead. We're maintaining a bullish bias, but we are still in the camp that this move proves tactical not tenacious."

  • The Thai but...?

  • Answers I'd Really Like to Know...
    • Did anyone else have a thing for Julie McCoy?
    • Can Hoofy work off the overbought condition as a function of time?
    • Is that reverse dandruff in the drillers?
    • Will the genius of Abbott and Costello resonate with future generations?
    • Do you see that the internals are still 3:2 negative despite the fixed income jig.
    • Does anyone else think that "Greenspan-like policies" aren't a good thing?
    • Will Pfizer be a drug stock or a big cap vehicle for year-end "exposure"?

  • No stopper, copper?

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