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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


...don't you just feel the performance anxiety?

  • Will buyers of Weatherford (WFT) once again be rewarded for purchases under $40?

  • Will big cap pharma bounce as perception of a global slowdown rotates money into perceived safety plays?

  • And if so, isn't DRG 336ish (the 200-day and the previous breakout) THE level to get involved in these names?

  • Does anyone feel like we're in an "all-time high" economy?

  • With all the New York City owners "offering," is it any wonder that the rental market is as tight as it's ever been?

  • Is the head & shoulders formation in the dollar--along with the reverse dandruff in the S&P--a recipe for a year-end run (at the expense of the greenback)?

  • I mean, seriously, don't you just feel the performance anxiety?

  • And how many buy-stops are waiting on the other side of S&P 1390?

  • Didn't Michael Nathanson opine at MIM3 that Clear Channel Communications (CCU) would edge towards an LBO?

  • Is it futile to game a downside slide while the financials trade as dry as they are?

  • Do you see that both the bulls and bears will be equally represented at our December 1st Financial Foresight Benefits?

  • Will we look back at these levels in Gold and wish we had more upside exposure?

  • Are these low levels in volatility a snazzy opportunity to lock in protection through year-end?

  • Have you circled XBD 226 and SOX 440 as triple bottom breaks (if and when) for the brokers and semis?

  • Has it really only been three months since we roasted S'mores in Vail?

  • Is it a "mush" that so many Minyanville professors are positioned long in Golden Star (GSS)?

  • Did you see Professor Bennet Sedacca warm up to corporates yesterday?


Position in financials, metals, GSS
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