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Random Thoughts


I'm watching you Fokker!


  • Hilton Hotels (HLT:NYSE) new slogan should be "Come sleep with us. "

  • We wanted to monitor the scope and breadth of the rally attempt. Thus far, the breadth stinks.

  • Consumers over cyclicals.

  • Why are these levels so important? With a sell-off, the S&P will confirm the "double top" (negative) while a rally would harbor hopes of a sideways consolidation (range).

  • The homies are bouncing, the internets reversed lower and the financials still trade lethargic. Watch Citigroup (C:NYSE) and Bank of America (BAC:NYSE) as piggy tells.

  • If your bullish...I mean bearish...I mean bullish...I mean bearish...take a deep breath.

  • Did you know that at Disneyland they have hundreds of wild domesticated cats running around the park? They never come out during the day (too many people), but the reason they're there is to catch the mice

  • The Burned Razor is taking its sweet time but it's still quite viable.

  • The proliferation of reality television and animation has eliminated a ton of acting gigs.

  • There was a slew of selling by the gorillas this morning (multiple sevens in QQQ).

  • Did you get your flu shot?

  • For the first time this year, Fokker is eating healthy. I've got the "skinny" on the motivation and her name is Jenny. Run, Jenny, Ruuuuuun!

  • Would a catalyst be too 'easy?'

  • If you woulda told me before the season started that the Cowboys would be 7-2 and the Raiders would be 2-7, I would have thought you fell outa your tree. There's gotta be alotta happy cowboys and cowgirls in the big D.

  • Guinea pigs can't sweat. Is that why they're used for all those scary experiments?

  • The put/call index and TRIN got a little "pressy" this morning. Hence the relative traction.

  • NDX 1410-1415 now becomes the first resistance.

  • Did I mention that the breadth stinks?

  • I think higher prices are a gift for Boo (he still might get 'em).

  • Hoofy just called me a groundhog.

  • I've heard pretty high whispers for Applied Material's (AMAT:NASD) earnings (tomorrow).

  • If the biotechs and internets are predictive for tech, we've got some downside room.

  • Arizona Minyans--enjoy the weather. It's chilly in the big city.

  • I'm fighting a small bug. Can't you just picture it?
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