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Random Thoughts


Call me crazy but I think that upside from here is capped into the election.


  • I have two words for the Oakland Raiders: draft pick.

  • A litany of sub-sectors have given the technical thumbs up to investors. A worthy wink or a trippy trap?

  • Crude has reversed and is trading lower on the session. That makes 12% in the last week and comes just in time for the election.

  • Shop 'till you drop?

  • The only difference between being right and being early is whether you've still got the trade on when it hits.

  • Can it be a coincidence that terror jitters and an oil spill immediately preceded the presidential election? Sure it can, but it still seems a bit convenient for my taste--particularly since I mapped out both last month.

  • One "woof" for Hoofy and two "woofs" for Boo!

  • The brokers have told you all you need to know about the direction of the broader market.

  • "I am seeing absolutely no put buying either now right before the election nor have I seen much the last several months. I am seeing a lot of overwriting: selling calls against long stock. Overwriting is not a real hedge; it is like saying there is little upside, but little downside from investors who hold the equity. There is complacency." -John Succo on today's Buzz.

  • The other side of urban living.

  • Starting tomorrow, I'll be arriving in the 'Ville at 9am.

  • The beta chase continues in the net space as investors piling into a crowded internet sector.

  • I will be out Friday as I join my family in a trek to Rubyville to surprise my grandmother for her birthday.

  • David Miller will be on Bloomberg television today at 2:45 EST to discuss stem cell research, the election and California proposition 71.

  • Crude, which was up a quick percent out of the gate, is now down almost 4% in Monday trade.

  • Twenty percent of all road accidents in Sweden involve a moose

  • Everyone--and I mean EVERYONE--believes that we'll see a post-election pop. The question is then begged: if folks are positioned to the rally, have they already done their buying?

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