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More Random Thoughts!


Happy one year anniversary!


  • What happens to the greenback if Russia starts to price oil in Euros?

  • I'm hearing that there's a Critters Gone Wild video floating around featuring Daisy (spring break, circa 1990).

  • For purposes of today's O.P.P trading, I'm gonna roll the stops up on my intraday risk. This way, if the Minx bumps her head on S&P 1050, we don't give back that side of the trade equation.

  • The number of emails I've gotten (from bulls and bears) equating 2003 to 1999 reinforces my belief in the Burned Razor.

  • We're gonna have a program set up soon that will enable Minyans to earn while they learn.

  • Brian Reynolds tells me that he promised his wife that he would shave his head if the Red Sox win the world series. All of a sudden, the prospect of a Cubs/Sox series just (marginally) ticked up!

  • Peanut butter jelly time!

  • Next week is a "you name it, you got it" earnings week. Rest up!

  • Remember all those gold stocks we were eyeballing but felt they were a bit extended? They're starting to dribble back to some interesting levels again. I would still prefer to get aggressive on a hard down day but they're certainly on the radar.

  • Emma? Uma!

  • Fire up the van, Fokker--the critters are going to the Bronx zoo tonight!

  • I was just talkin' to Snoop on the phone (again) and we were marveling at the internet action. I said to him that this particular merry-go-round, when it finally stops, is gonna be one hurtin' horsie.

  • Ask yourself an honest question: Did you truly believe, at the height of the tech mania, that we were in a bubble? Now ask yourself if that feeling (whatever it was) is similar to your current view on housing and debt.

  • When you're in a rut, it's easy to forget about the balance thing which, ironically, deepens the rut. If and when that happens (and it does, at times, happen to all of us), make a concerted effort to let loose with your friends. There is a marked difference between having fun and being happy--but sometimes the former can spur the latter.

  • Have you ever seen those "pig ears" that they sell as dog treats? Puppies LOVE them but they could very well be the nastiest item on the pet market.

  • A big thank you to the student Minyans who are spreading the critter word to their finance clubs and business school friends. Our student union continues to expand every day!

  • Minyan trivia: On a per capita basis, which country has the largest number of biotech start-ups? The first correct answer sent to wins their choice of a snazzy Minyanville tee!

  • The S&P stochastics are getting pretty lofty (overbought). They can certainly pretzel twist but we noted the bullish "hook" on the last day of September (before the blast-off) and we must note their posture now.

  • May your first sale be your worst sale.

  • Wait'll Otis sees us. He loves us!

  • Mike Santoli is salt of the earth.

  • The action in the cyclicals reminds me of the insane run-up in 1999 (remember that S's over N's trade?).

  • When is the last time you called your parents just to say that you love them?

  • Whatever happened to Steve's Ice Cream?

  • Last year's bottom was the morning of October 10th. Mirror image anyone?

  • Somebody said to me last night that Gene Hackman and Richard Dreyfus have had similar acting careers. I couldn't disagree more. I would put Gene up there with the Pacino's and DeNiro's of the world as far as range and scope of ability. Still, my favorite role of his was in Young Frankenstein.

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